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2022-04-15 08:01
"Black Gold" tells the story of the struggle between two Arab sheikhs in the early 1930s. The scene is grand, and the lines in the film are also a highlight. The soundtrack of the film is quite standard. The magnificent desert scenery, magnificent war scenes, touching family struggle stories and emotional entanglements of characters in the film are more epic under the background of James Horner's music. The film presents the mysterious Arab nation's prosperous history to the audience with the legendary experience of the   .
The desert warfare and the exotic beauty in "Black Gold" left a deep impression on the audience. Although the rhythm of the film is a bit slow, the epic plot and the realistic and mysterious exotic landscape give people an immersive feeling. The film is the first to describe the story of the modern Arab world from the front. It tells the rise of the Arab world from a barren desert to an oil kingdom through the legendary war epic of two families, and explores the blessings and misfortunes that "black gold" has brought to this ancient nation   .
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  • Collin 2022-04-18 09:01:20

    This summer is a rare good movie, definitely worth watching!

  • Kassandra 2022-04-19 09:03:19

    Epic scenes, which were quite a few battles in the environment at the time, although it is possible to think that it is possible to make such a transformation in the book, but it is still a bit blunt in the movie, it has been 130 minutes, why not How about another 5 minutes to shoot the part that changes the character of the main character?

Day of the Falcon quotes

  • Ali: Always a pleasure to see you, Your Highness. Or should I say "Father"?

    Sultan Amar: Why do you always have to mock everything?

    Ali: It's easier.

    Sultan Amar: Easier?

    Ali: Than to discuss our true feelings.

    Sultan Amar: And what are your true feelings?

    Ali: I am sorry that I cannot be more as you would like me to be.

  • Prince Auda: So this is war. This is what they write epics about.

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