Fullmetal Alchemist movie plot

2022-04-06 08:01
The story takes place in a world where alchemy is quite developed. Edward Airlie and his younger brother Alphonse missed their deceased mother very much. In order to see their mother's smile again, they performed the biggest forbidden human body refinement in alchemy - the refining technique to bring the dead back to life. However, the rebound effect when he failed to make it, made Ed pay the "toll" of his left foot, and Al lost his whole body. In order to save his brother, Ed sacrificed his right arm to fix his brother's soul on a pair of armor. The lost right arm and left leg were replaced by steel prosthetic "mechanical armor", so when Ed obtained the national alchemist qualification, the president gave the title of "steel", and people called it "Fullmetal Alchemi". In order to find Al's body, Brother Ed embarked on an adventure to find the Philosopher's Stone   .
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  • Stephania 2022-04-08 09:01:13

    Realized to the point where only ashes remain. There are only two battles. It's all about bragging in the middle. In order to catch up with the plot point, the archive is very hard, and the rhythm is supernatural at the end. Real life version or something, really embarrassing.

  • Jerry 2022-04-06 08:01:01

    Other than that, Al's image is very restored, and Ed's height is very restored [funny]

Fullmetal Alchemist quotes

  • [from trailer]

    Edward Elric: [to his brother] promise I'll get our bodies back.

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