Fullmetal Alchemist evaluation action

2022-04-06 08:01
The film was supposed to reveal deep themes and be thought-provoking, but instead turned into a Ghost in the Shell -like tragedy. The film tells the film industry how light a work of depth can be adapted. The film uses "reduction" to express its sincerity to the comics, but these efforts make the film look very inconsistent, and the effort is spent on the surface. The restoration of Al's shape produced by special effects is amazing, but this restoration is only in appearance, and it is not very helpful for the shaping of characters and the development of brotherhood. The two-and-a-half-hour movie cannot accommodate the thinking of the original author, and the adaptation of the movie should also be considered more for people who are not familiar with comics, so simplifying and changing the plot is inevitable, but the big failure of the film does not only exist in those who are not familiar with comics. Where the changes are so direct that they lack logic, some plot performances that are close to the original have not been well grasped and displayed. The two scenes of the synthetic beast and the death of Hughes that the film tries to restore are places that can cause a strong emotional impact in both comics and animation, but the final emotional expression is very pale   .
The art design and costumes for Fullmetal Alchemi are very accurate and the visuals are great   .
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    Edward Elric: [to his brother] promise I'll get our bodies back.

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