The King: Eternal Monarch movie plot

2022-07-12 20:03
In 1994, in the winter of the Korean Empire, the golden prince Li Linrebelled in order to seize the "Wanbo Sidi". That night, the flute was cut in half, and Li Lin took half of it and opened the parallel. door to the world., who owns the other half of the flute , came to the Republic of Korea after chasing a pocket watch rabbit and accidentally entered the gate of the dimension. Li Gun couldn't believe the situation at this time, the slightly different atmosphere, the buildings with different memories, compared to those, the most important thing was that the woman in front of her didn't even know that she was the emperor of the Korean Empire. Did it come to the world between "1" and "0"? But this woman is a familiar face to him, "Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Guard Jung Tae-eul", which was written on the ID card picked up by 8-year-old Li Gun on the night of the treason. Architect Fuller once said that when solving a problem, if the answer is not beautiful enough, then you know it is wrong, maybe solve the problem with this woman and the answer will be beautiful. Li Gun, a science-based emperor of the Korean Empire who wants to close the door of the dimension, and Jung Tae-eul, a liberal arts-based criminal policeman of the Republic of Korea who wants to protect his friends and love, travel in two worlds to help each other   .
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