Feast II: Sloppy Seconds movie plot

2022-07-12 23:42
The sexiest female bartender in the first episode) finally escaped from the bar in a one-man van and came to a town next door. The monsters followed suit and started a war.
The second episode is titled Feast II: Sloppy Seconds, and John Gulager will continue to film, while the third episode may be titled Feast III: The Happy Finish. In addition, one of the episodes will be interspersed with prequel content, possibly Just to clarify where the monsters came from.
Feast 2 will start filming on Halloween, and Feast 3 will start filming a month later. The filming will be set in Louisiana . The budget is still not high, but it does not seem to cause too much trouble for Dunstan and Melton. Twilight Zone's approach to solving problems in Star Wars.
It is reported that two people withdrew from the set, one of them because he couldn't stand "throwing a bag with someone else's grandmother on the wall", obviously the perverted level of the plot has made the filmmakers find it unbearable. Screenwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton It shrugged this off, saying "they probably haven't read anything more disgusting", adding that Feast 3 will be more exciting.
But will there be a Feast IV? Since these guys can make a Saw IV with Jigsaw dead, why can't there be a Feast IV? Similar to Eli Roth's attitude towards Hostel: Part III, Marcus Dunstan says that if the audience wants to Look, they're going to keep filming, in fact they've written a draft of Feast IV, but he's not sure if it's actually going to be filmed yet, it's going to depend on the popularity of episodes 2 and 3.'
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Feast II: Sloppy Seconds quotes

  • The Sheriff: [to Hobo] Your odor reminds me of the paste my asshole makes on a hot day.

  • Slasher: Dale, I'm not even number-one salesman at my own two-employee-strong car lot now.

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