Chico & Rita movie plot

2022-07-13 22:09
There he meets talented singer Rita and the two quickly fall in love, but the arrival of Chico's ex-girlfriend Juana creates a misunderstanding. Under Ramon's persuasion, Rita and Chico joined the radio singing competition together with Chico and started a music career. After that, Rita was photographed by the American builder Ron and offered her a contract to grow up in New York. Chico sold the piano and followed Ramon to the United States. Rita rose to fame quickly, but was strictly controlled by Ron. in Ramon andWith the help of Ron, Ron successfully separates a pair of lovers.
In Cuba in 1948, Chico was an ambitious young pianist, and Rita was a singer with an incomparably beautiful voice. A love of music and a desire for romance bound them together, but as they embarked on a journey of love with the tradition of Latin song and dance, they found that the journey brought them much chagrin and suffering. From La Habana; English to New York, to Paris, from Hollywood to Las Vegas , two passionate young men fight against all kinds of hardships, vowing to keep them together with music and love!
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Chico & Rita quotes

  • Ramón: Business? That's my business!

  • Chico: You look like a Yankee!

    Rita: But i still like kidney beans...

    Chico: I've seen you in magazines. You're headed for Hollywood, right? Aren't you tired of playing Miss Charming?

    Rita: Don't you like me sitting by your side, eating kidney beans?

    Chico: I like it so much, it frightens me...

    Rita: What are you frightened of?

    Chico: Same thing as you...

    Rita: Why should i be frightened?

    Chico: Of listening to your heart for once. Of leaving your cage and not finding your way back.

    Rita: You really believe that?

    Chico: Uh-huh...

    Rita: Come with me!

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