• Director:
  • Countries of origin: Japan
  • Language: Japanese
  • Release date: July 7, 2015
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Also known as: Повелитель
  • The TV animation "OVERLORD" is adapted from the light novel of the same name created by Maruyama くがね. On August 30, 2014, the news of the animation was announced on the waist of the seventh volume of the single book published. The film was produced by MADHOUSE and aired from July 7, 2015 to September 29, 2015, with a total of 13 episodes. 
    The 2nd issue of the TV anime " OVERLORD II" will be broadcast in January 2018. 
    The 3rd issue of the TV anime " OVERLORD Season 3" aired in July 2018.
    The 4th issue of the TV anime " OVERLORDIV " will be broadcast from July 2022. 


    • Release date July 7, 2015
    • Production companies Madhouse

    Movie reviews

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    • By Bartholome 2022-12-27 20:25:25


      It is much more interesting than any sword. The initial setting is excellent. It is not the hero who upgrades, but the birth of the devil. The setting of the different continents has both a sense of online games and a sense of time travel. As for what happened, we will only know at the end.

      The female body is generally set up, and there is no special aesthetic feeling. After the fifth episode, the plot feels a little weak. If the big devil is going to be a little mercenary, isn't...

    • By Thomas 2022-12-20 10:11:02

      8.0 points

      Plot: 73 points. Actor appearance and acting skills: 84 points. Screen: 75 points. Costumes and props: 90 points. Music and sound effects: 80 points. Dubbing: 90 points. Comprehensive evaluation: 8.0 points. In terms of plot: The ordinary staff in the real world has become a condescending, well-spoken, and beloved king in the game. These are very refreshing to think about, and it is a work with a strong sense of substitution. What makes it different is that it uses a group of people with...

    • By Burdette 2022-12-08 10:59:29

      It's the villain's turn

      Where did you read this introduction first, it's very interesting to write, starting from 100 million to another world? The bone king is stunned by the air? Thinking left and right? I liked the setting of another world very much, and I couldn't help but want to play another one. But the introduction and my post-viewing feelings are completely different things. I feel that I have watched two completely different dramas. Some people also wrote comments that were more in line with my...

    • By Hester 2022-11-27 12:26:36

      The bones of sin are king

      The protagonist is the president of the guild in the game, and his occupation is a necromancer. He is full-level. On the last day of the game, he will travel to another world with the guild base and all NPCs in the guild, and start a journey of conquering the world with full-level hanging and Mengxin.

      The whole story has a strict logic from the background explanation to the plot development. For example, the protagonist himself is...

    • By Camryn 2022-11-26 22:34:10

      It turns out that everyone is watching anime!

      There are probably not many people like me who bought books and comics to read. The content of the comic is slightly less, and the content of the novel version is a translated version. The content of the book will be full of the inner activities of many characters, and the plot will not pass by like in the comics. Now I am reading the thirteenth book, which is located in Beijing. If you have a friend you like, you can borrow it. I am very good at book protection, and I am willing to...

    User comments

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    • By Vella 2023-05-20 17:47:59

      Make a mark, the animation adaptation is basically completely loyal to the original novel, which also shows the content of the light novel... In fact, the production is quite satisfactory, the reason why it became popular... um... Some people attribute it to this kind of Chinese rare in Japanese animation. I think there's a little bit of truth to the indiscriminate routine of the big...

    • By Melba 2023-05-17 00:15:35

      Look back at the old fan...

    • By Deshaun 2023-05-13 08:07:16

      It's beautiful, but I don't explain, the second season should be very exciting, and the major camps are about to start torn...

    • By Ashlynn 2023-04-09 21:25:23

      In my mood of krypton gold today, it is still very appropriate to use this to interpret it! I can feel that the novel should be more enjoyable than the filmed one. Consider buying the novel to see it! But I'm so worried about the male protagonist in the real...

    • By Mikel 2023-03-30 08:30:15

      The high-quality different world is cool, the characters are good-looking, the personality is distinct, the plot is interesting, and you can easily see it. ! Gu Aotian, the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick, fighting with the air, no chickens to talk about Ainz Ouer Gong, Shame of the Succubus Albedo (the character is super beautiful!), the famous scene stacks buffs Super position magic, kill sister in arms, nail clippers, understand Wang's subordinate Xiaodi, fingertip cosmic butler handsome...

    Movie plot

    The work mainly tells that one day, a VRMMORPG "YGGDRASIL" that has set off a big craze will stop all services, but even after the end time, players will not quit the game, and NPCs also have their own thoughts. The protagonist Suzuki Satoru (real name), who loves video games in the real world, accidentally crossed into a different world with the members of the "Ainz Ul Gown" guild while waiting for the system to force a logout, and he...
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