Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty

  • Director: Jacob Hair, John Rice, Justin Roiland
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: December 2, 2013
  • Runtime: 23min
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD
  • Also known as: Rik va Morti
  • Rick and Morty is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for the cartoon network late night show Adult Swim . Following in the footsteps of the mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his vulnerable grandson Morty Smith, the series presents a fantasy experience that combines their domestic family life and cross-dimensional adventures. Roiland voiced the above duo, while Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer and Sarah Chalke voiced the other characters in the family.
    This series originated from the animated short film "Back to the Future" "The Real Animated Adventure of Doc and Mharti" created by Roiland. The original spoof movie "Back to the Future" was broadcast on channel 101. When Harmon was planning a TV show for ADULT SWIM, he and Roiland decided to develop a show based on the short film and make some changes at the same time.
    In January 2014, the series re-broadcasted the second season, which premiered on July 26, 2015. In August 2015, "Adult Swimming" was extended for the third season, consisting of 10 episodes. It premiered on April 1, 2017, and began broadcasting on July 30, 2017. The show's creativity and humor have won wide acclaim. The fourth season aired in November 2019 and has now ended.   On March 31, 2021, the fifth season of "Rick and Morty" released the final preview, and it was announced that it would start broadcasting on June 20, 2021. 
    Mainland China is exclusively broadcast by Anime Comic Fun . 


    • Release date December 2, 2013
    • Filming locations New York City, New York, USA
    • Production companies Green Portal Productions, Harmonius Claptrap, Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions

    Movie reviews

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    • By Arden 2022-12-30 12:18:51

      Science fiction + human nature heavy mouth animation

      (Includes a plot introduction to the episodes)

      rick and morty season 1

      Rick & Morty are a pair of grandfathers and grandsons. The grandfather has a nihilist with a high IQ and the grandson inherits the low IQ of his father and was chosen as his grandfather's assistant.

      1. In the scene of the first act, grandpa is going to claim to blow up the earth and use morty's classmates as bait, but he does not lose his mind,...

    • By Pearlie 2022-12-29 15:14:09

      Shooting Ideas for Rick and Morty

      I just entered the pit and watched a few episodes. I don't know if it is the norm for most episodes.

      Each episode basically has two perspectives, one is a normal or mediocre perspective, the protagonist is Morty's parents, teachers and sisters, which takes place in a relatively normal world that is very realistic in their eyes; the other is surreal. From a magical perspective, the protagonists are Rick and Morty, which take place in a different-dimensional world such as a dream, human...

    • By Brent 2022-12-29 13:04:13

      American ideal

      This cartoon shows us what an ideal America looks like, even if today's America is no longer what it used to be.

      1) Rick's countless magical inventions represent the development of technology. If we search for "100 years of American inventions", almost all important modern inventions come from the United States: televisions, the Internet, computers, airplanes, liquid rockets, atomic bombs, and more. In contrast, Rick's invention seems realistic.

    • By Emmanuelle 2022-12-29 12:33:07

      I know i wouldn't be better without you

      Starting from the eighth episode, the first twenty minutes of this episode are the most boring plot of the entire first season: a line is that parents and sisters are yearning for their successful lives in other parallel worlds, and finally their parents discover that their marriage is They were together in desperation rather than happiness and Summer was also forced to give birth, so Summer decided to run away from home. The parents wanted to get a divorce (in fact, this is not the first...

    • By Karelle 2022-12-25 11:14:07

      Excerpts from movie lines

      Rick is educated, hahha "Rick, the only connection between your unquestionable intelligence and the sickness destroying your family is that everyone in your family, you included, using intelligence to justify sickness. I have no doubt that you will be bored senseless by theropy , the same way I am bored when I brush my teeth and wipe my ass. Because the thing about repairing, maintaining and cleaning is not an adventure. There is no way to do it so wrong that you might die. It's just work....

    User comments

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    • By Alexa 2023-09-29 15:44:22

      It's so beautiful that you can't stop it! ! ! Damn why I just watch it now! ! ! Shaking in love! ! ! Watched it back and forth more than 4...

    • By Stephan 2023-09-26 09:52:09

      I can't get a...

    • By Bryana 2023-09-24 20:41:29

      The Adventures of Keng...

    • By Jayce 2023-09-17 07:09:32

      A masterpiece, with wide-open brains, laughing and joking, but with attitudes. In reality, some people may not accept these attitudes, but in the life of the universe, it is not worth mentioning, Rick and Morty are in the...

    • By Parker 2023-09-14 05:21:40

      What kind of ancestral love is...

    Movie quotes

    • Rick: The teenage mind is its own worst enemy.

    • Rick: Every Hospital has a Doctor they say is the best Doctor in the Galaxy.

    • Alien Werner Herzog: I have dwelt amongst the Humans. Their entire Culture revolves around their penises.