Rogue City

Rogue City

  • Director: Olivier Marchal
  • Countries of origin: France
  • Language: French
  • Release date: October 30, 2020
  • Runtime: 1 hour 56 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Bronx
  • Rogue City is a crime film directed by Olivier Martial and starring Rannick Gartry and Stanislas Moha.
    The film tells the story of a gang-fighting cop who uses informal methods to investigate the shooting of a rival at a local nightclub. 


    • Release date October 30, 2020
    • Production companies Gaumont, Umedia, uFund

    Movie reviews

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    • By Amiya 2022-10-02 16:35:56


      The casting is really good, but even my face is blind and my name is too long like a bunch of grapes, there are many gangsters, and the relationship between the gangs, the police, and the gang and the police is bright and dark. It's intricate, it really cost me my life to figure it out. I just watched two changes and figured it out. There are new characters coming out, and there are a lot of names. What are they? The criminal (again, it's a translation, and I have to understand...

    • By Carmine 2022-09-17 20:45:58

      black eat black

      2 stars, the title is too pointy, the city of villains, it is obvious that there is no good person, no matter the black and white, it is all black in the end. The main perspective of the film is the anti-gang police team, with gang grievances attached. Although it is cruel and bloody, the French film, as always, promotes the human touch, first let the characters learn and meat, and then push the story. The entire story line is not complicated, but the final reversal is a bit...

    • By Dorris 2022-09-17 18:18:14

      too tragic

      The score is low. It may be that many people have not sorted out the plot and clues. It is difficult for Chinese people to remember the appearance and names of foreigners, which will make it difficult to understand. But as long as you carefully comb a few lines, this is a masterpiece full of tension. Cool men and beautiful women, sharp action, boundless scenery, full score for the soundtrack.

      The drunk cop came home, grabbed the shotgun and went upstairs, bang! Boom! Son and...

    • By Adella 2022-09-17 17:58:24

      city ​​of villains

      The male protagonist is a policeman. He kindly sent her to see his wife when he was escorting the gang boss to transfer, but her wife had cancer. The gang boss killed his wife with his own hands, and then everything went back normally. At a gangster party, someone suddenly broke in and killed a lot of people. One of the hotshots was not hit, did not escape, and then mixed in the crowd as a victim, but he was still recognized, and the male protagonist was going to take him. He...

    • By Olin 2022-09-17 17:51:06


      Given that the director was a police officer decades ago and has reached a certain age, he naturally sees things like "the way of heaven is reincarnated, and karma is retribution".

      The director has previously made three city movies (just my personal name), "General Administration 36" with Paris as the background, "MR73" in Marseille, "Gangs of Lyon" in Lyon, and several movies are full of helplessness and despair. , especially "MR73", the despair I...

    User comments

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    • By General 2022-09-26 16:17:15

      In the end, who is the black one? It is very characteristic that there are no protagonists left in the movie. It is necessary to know whether the darkness of the city will make the city darker. Although the motives are relatively vague, it is obvious that everyone has no absolute motivation but is involved. Movies are in the...

    • By Leonel 2022-09-17 21:50:08

      Wow, the sofa! The whole film interprets the biggest difference between gangsters and police: police...

    • By Alexandria 2022-09-17 21:34:31

      It should have been a three-point level, but in the end, a group was destroyed, and one star must be...

    • By Noel 2022-09-17 21:32:07

      Marseille version of "Police...

    • By Shania 2022-09-17 20:01:56

      The ending was so...