• Director: David Lean
  • Writer: Arthur Laurents,H.E. Bates,David Lean
  • Countries of origin: United Kingdom, United States
  • Language: English, Italian
  • Release date: November 7, 1955
  • Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Also known as: David Lean's Production of Summertime
  • "Summertime" is a romantic film directed by David Lean and starring Katharine Houghton Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi.
    The film tells the story of Jane, an American who travels abroad for the first time on vacation. 


    • Release date November 7, 1955
    • Filming locations Campo San Barnaba, Venice, Veneto, Italy
    • Production companies Lopert Pictures Corporation, London Film Productions

    Movie reviews

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    • By Bettye 2022-12-22 12:33:40

      Love happens in a flash of lightning...

      The heroine sits alone on St. Mark's Square and raises the camera several times. The Li Yings in the camera make her feel alone and lonely. She has not returned, but she can sense the hot attention of the hero, and she takes it with her in a panic. Silent mirror, pay to leave, meet again, meet again, from inadvertent to deliberate, love happens in a flash of lightning, but you can't be sure! After
      all, it is to separate, this love is like a dream, real but ethereal, Memories are left,...

    • By Davonte 2022-12-14 03:22:48

      If the fake can do the same as the real, why consider it fake?

      Looking at travel posts, Rome always mentions "Roman Holiday", and tourists must go to the Spanish Steps where Audrey Hepburn went to sit and eat ice cream. I can't help but think of another Hepburn movie set in Venice, another famous Italian city: "SUMMERTIME" (Sunny Day/Summer Time/Spring Heart to Rhododendron), I like the translation of "Sunny Day" the most, although the Chinese movie of the same name has Many, mostly Hong Kong films. Compared with "Roman Holiday", "Sunny Day" contrasts...

    • By Alvena 2022-12-08 20:44:36

      "Summertime": A Kind of Love Tragedy

      The great director David Lean has made two films about middle-aged love tragedies, one is "Meet and Hate" in 1945, and the other is "Summer Time" in 1954. The former is extremely famous, and the latter are not so famous. However, in my opinion, "Summertime" is also a profound love tragedy.
      It is said that the relationship between each person and the other half of his life is like an apple divided into two halves, and only when the two halves are put together can they bite tightly....

    • By Madisen 2022-11-04 23:35:09

      After watching the three Oscar films (Part 2) "Summer Time": Saving Self-Esteem

      The heroine meets her prince charming in Venice

      Oriental White Night Released: 2012-02-06 12:03

      two. Summertime: Saving Self-Esteem

      This is a popular nostalgic film. When it was released in Japan, the title was changed to "Traveling" (it is also called "Sunny Sky" in China). From the content point of...

    • By Antone 2022-10-13 15:11:47

      sunny day

      Today is October 15, 2017, and it has been two months since I came to Hangzhou. It's raining outside again and I want to go out to buy shoes. Go take the subway to see the crowd in the subway, and if you are lucky, you can still sit. After the subway took my body to a certain station, I got off and walked a short distance to the shoe store. After walking around, I didn’t buy any shoes, and then I took the subway back again. I looked at the people around me with a little anxiety....

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    • By Rosalinda 2023-09-16 00:48:07

      Hahahaha, Republican Katharine...

    • By Jessie 2023-09-02 18:08:11

      A piece of disappointment. Katherine Hepburn's performance is too much. This kind of performance is appropriate and wonderful in the long day before night, and it is terrible in this film - a yacht passing by She was surprised that she would be played by her old man as if she had hit a ghost in the daytime... David Lean's shot composition was not ideal, and the insertion of empty shots in many places was very abrupt. In terms of storytelling, it was also lacking in sharpness. Only The...

    • By Polly 2023-07-01 13:02:23

      That's called a bloody dog. Grandma Hepburn screwed people to death. I didn't even get the background color when I shot the...

    • By Janiya 2023-06-26 05:30:03

      What a beautiful love scene, a place I really want to go, Miss Hutison, do you know that I was as lonely as you when you fell into the water, such an unforgettable summer time, a beautiful encounter may be a short-lived flashy love, It is as bright as summer but will eventually disappear. But it doesn't matter, people from two worlds are lucky enough to meet, isn't it? (I marked it in 2011, and successfully checked in Venice in the summer of 2018, which became the last unforgettable summer...

    • By Zion 2023-06-25 13:28:13

      Venetian scenery film, Hepburn's elegant temperament and performance are so...

    Movie plot

    Jane, an American, traveled abroad for the first time on vacation. She came to Venice in The Republic of Italy and lived in a small hotel. She felt lonely when she was alone. She was sitting alone on the terrace in San Marco Square, holding a camera and trying to take some pictures, but she could see all the couples who were affectionate and me, and her heart was quite unpleasant. At this time, she found that a man Reynardo was...
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    Movie quotes

    • Jane Hudson: Nobody's older than me!

    • Mauro: So long, Cookie!

    • Signora Fiorini: When in Italy, you should meet Italians!