Summertime movie plot

2022-07-04 19:10
Jane, an American, traveled abroad for the first time on vacation. She came to Venice in The Republic of Italy and lived in a small hotel. She felt lonely when she was alone. She was sitting alone on the terrace in San Marco Square, holding a camera and trying to take some pictures, but she could see all the couples who were affectionate and me, and her heart was quite unpleasant. At this time, she found that a man Reynardo was watching her, and she immediately left the square. By chance, she went to buy antiques, and found that the boss was Renardo who was looking at her in the square that day, so the two became friends. One night, the two went for a walk near the canal, and in the romantic atmosphere, they kissed ecstatically. The next day, Jane angrily found out that Lei had a wife. Ray explained that he was going to break up with his wife, and then Jane calmed down, and the two spent the night lingering. During Venice, Ray accompanied Jane and Jane around. Jane was going back to the United States later. When Lei flew to the train station, Jane said goodbye to him with tears on her face. The train also took away her best memories in Venice. The film vividly and delicately describes the mood of a woman who is about to lose her youth. 
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Summertime quotes

  • Renato de Rossi: You are like a hungry child who is given ravioli to eat. 'No' you say, 'I want beefsteak!' My dear girl, you are hungry. Eat the ravioli.

  • Jane Hudson: Nobody's older than me!

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