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2022-07-04 18:33
The film is nothing new in terms of story alone, but it is a popular drama and a fairy tale. What is rare is that the film has a taste that can be enjoyed by both the refined and the popular, especially with the beautiful and gorgeous luxurious art settings, and the beautiful soundtrack, which highlights this romance. The warm and touching love story makes the audience mesmerize. Romy Schneider's youthful, mellow and sweet appearance has made the world remember Sissi forever.  
This film describing court anecdotes should be regarded as a typical royal family film, but whether it is a study of a European historical material in the mid-19th century, a taste of the beautiful scenery of Bavaria, Germany, or a sincere love. Angle, its aesthetic still has high value. In terms of artistic structure, the film skillfully intertwines this love story against the historical background of turmoil in Austrian society and the current situation at that time, with a broader sense of realism of the times, and the characters of the film are extremely vivid and vivid.  
In addition to the romantic love story of Sissi and Franz, the film also shows a lot of the beautiful lakes and mountains in Austria, the exquisite life of the princes and nobles of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the mid-19th century, and the prosperity of the empire, which was peaceful in the end, with a unique style. The nostalgic way restored the confidence of the Austrian people after World War II. In the film, Luo Mi's performance is pure and natural, with a natural temperament, which portrays the image of Sissi vividly.  
The film reproduces Sissi's legendary life with a grand historical narrative and a delicate and tactful mentality. It is full of ideals and feelings of rebelling against aristocratic traditions, opposing court formalities, pursuing freedom, loving life and nature. Although there are not many supporting characters in the film, each of them has a distinct personality and distinctive language. Romy Schneider shines brightly for the whole film with her unique luxury and beauty.  
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Sissi quotes

  • Sissi: If you're ever worried or upset in life, go through the woods like this with open eyes. And in every tree, in every shrub, in every flower, and in every creature, the almighty God will reveal himself to you and give you solace and strength.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Did Miss read that somewhere?

    Sissi: No, it's advice from my Papili.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Ah, Papili. He must be a wonderful man, that Papili.

    Sissi: Indeed, he is.

  • Kaiser Franz Joseph: What? Miss even brought a zither along?

    Sissi: Yes. Papa even took it all the way to Egypt up the Cheops Pyramid.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Papili has been to Egypt?

    Sissi: Suddenly something inside makes him get up and go. I think I'll be just like him one day.

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