Sissi Shooting History

2022-07-04 17:25
After December 1954, Marischka decided to choose Romy, who had worked together many times, to star in "Sissi". The film was officially shot in Vienna, Austria in August 1955. In order to reproduce the prosperity of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the scene of the film was extremely It was luxurious, the costumes were carefully selected, and even the lighting of the scene cost a lot of money. When filming the scene where Sissy took a wedding boat to Vienna on the banks of the Danube, Marischka spent a lot of money to dress up the castles and villages along the way. Romy took a Danube Steamship Company boat along the Danube, with countless people standing on both sides. extras.  By early November 1955, the film had concluded its final set of reshoots   .
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Sissi quotes

  • Kaiser Franz Joseph: I'm to be engaged today.

    Sissi: How can one be engaged to someone he doesn't love?

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: It's not so uncommon in our class. For national interests, for dynastic reasons, for -

    [turns around and looks at Sissi]

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: She must look like this. Have eyes like this. This mouth. This hair. She must be as beautiful as Miss.

    Sissi: But isn't your bride beautiful?

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Yes, she is very beautiful. But Miss, Miss is much more beautiful. I think Miss has more heart too.

  • Kaiser Franz Joseph: I don't know if being my wife means happiness. It's true, I'm the Emperor of Austria, the leader of a powerful country, but danger lurks everywhere. The rebels in Milan, the unrest in Hungary. I take my obligations very seriously, Sissi. I won't have a lot of time for my wife. Nevertheless, Sissi, I would be happy to have beside me a woman like you. Don't you remember what I told you today? Before I knew who you were? She must look like this. Must have these eyes. This mouth.

    Sissi: Please don't say another word or I'll forget my manners and run away.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: But, Sissi.

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