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2022-07-04 17:47
In the early 1950s, Ernst Marischka began preparations to bring Sissi's legend to the big screen  . The film was co-produced by the Federal Republic of Germanyand Austria  , Marischka himself acted as the screenwriter. When he wrote the screenplay, he weakened the tragic elements in Sissi's stories as much as possible, and painted the bright side. Franz in his pen is an ideal husband and an enlightened monarch who is more perfect than reality. , downplaying the crisis-ridden and crumbling rule of Austria at the time, and Sissi's life, if any problems arose, quickly dissipated; Marischka not only made these beautifications, but also added fictional telegraph operators and neurotic gendarmerie to the script. Major Burkell, to add to the hilarity. He finished the script after several drafts. 
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Sissi quotes

  • Sissi: If you're ever worried or upset in life, go through the woods like this with open eyes. And in every tree, in every shrub, in every flower, and in every creature, the almighty God will reveal himself to you and give you solace and strength.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Did Miss read that somewhere?

    Sissi: No, it's advice from my Papili.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Ah, Papili. He must be a wonderful man, that Papili.

    Sissi: Indeed, he is.

  • Kaiser Franz Joseph: What? Miss even brought a zither along?

    Sissi: Yes. Papa even took it all the way to Egypt up the Cheops Pyramid.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Papili has been to Egypt?

    Sissi: Suddenly something inside makes him get up and go. I think I'll be just like him one day.

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