Sissi movie plot

2022-07-04 23:57
The beautiful and lively Sissi grew up in a noble family in Bavaria. Her father was a carefree duke who often took Sissi to hunt in the mountains. Sissi's mother's sister, the Austrian Empress Dowager Sophie, intends to get her son engaged to Sissi's sister, Princess Helen, and invites their family to his birthday celebration. Sissi came to Austria with her mother and sister, and met the young Emperor Franz while sneaking out fishing. The two fell in love at first sight. Although Franz no longer recognized his cousin, he was deeply attracted by her beauty and cheerfulness, but when Sissy heard that Franz would choose her sister as queen, she ran away without looking back. At the banquet, Franz learned that Sissy was his cousin Princess Elizabeth, and he couldn't hold anyone else in his mind. At the ball, Franz finally went against his mother's will, handed a large bouquet of red roses to Sissi, and solemnly announced her as his future queen. Qian Qian was surprised and delighted, but she wasn't ready to be a queen, especially because she was full of guilt for destroying her sister's happiness. At the same time, the Queen Mother Sophie was also very dissatisfied with Franz's choice, and she had to reconsider how to educate the underage queen. Fortunately, Princess Helen, who was deeply in love with Sister Sissi, soon forgave her and wished her sister happiness. With the grand wedding, Sissi became the empress of Austria   .
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Sissi quotes

  • Sissi: If you're ever worried or upset in life, go through the woods like this with open eyes. And in every tree, in every shrub, in every flower, and in every creature, the almighty God will reveal himself to you and give you solace and strength.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Did Miss read that somewhere?

    Sissi: No, it's advice from my Papili.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Ah, Papili. He must be a wonderful man, that Papili.

    Sissi: Indeed, he is.

  • Kaiser Franz Joseph: What? Miss even brought a zither along?

    Sissi: Yes. Papa even took it all the way to Egypt up the Cheops Pyramid.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph: Papili has been to Egypt?

    Sissi: Suddenly something inside makes him get up and go. I think I'll be just like him one day.

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