The Black Balloon

The Black Balloon

  • Director: Elissa Down
  • Writer: Elissa Down,Jimmy The Exploder
  • Countries of origin: Australia
  • Language: English
  • Release date: March 6, 2008
  • Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: Чeрный шар
  • The Black Balloon is a 2008 drama film directed by Alyssa Dawn and starring Rhys Wakefield and Gemma Ward .
    The film tells the story of the Thomas family of four who moved to a small town in Commonwealth of Australia .


    • Release date March 6, 2008
    • Filming locations Bardia Parade, Holsworthy, New South Wales, Australia
    • Production companies Australian Film Finance Corporation (AFFC), Black Balloon Productions, Icon Entertainment International

    Box office


    A$5,000,000 (estimated)

    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Jany 2022-12-07 03:50:27

      There is a kind of love called love

      This is the biggest difference between family and friends.

      Family, always want you to be better, better, better again. It's not because you don't accept it, but because your family is the one who knows your details best, and they don't need to repeat the elements that make you up over and over again. The family will rebuke without hesitation and criticize without any room, but never give up and support silently in the dark.

      Friends, but they are opposed to family members....

    • By Marlin 2022-11-22 17:01:28

      I thought, if I had such a

      Brother, how should I face it, and how will my parents face it. I just want to say to this silly brother, you are happy, and such a family really did not treat you wrong. If it were placed in China, in a rural area, in a poor and poor family, can you imagine your fate? As for the male protagonist, I stand by it, but I am really unwilling to let you become the female protagonist so easily. You have gone too well. It is considered that you have really met the right person. In love , you are...

    • By Richard 2022-11-15 05:45:26

      Black Balloons - Australia's Ocean Paradise

         When it comes to balloons, colorful things come to mind. The name of "Black Balloon" is a bit gloomy, but it has such a warm plot. After watching it for a while, I understood the meaning. It turned out to be an Australian story of "Ocean Paradise". Think of Jet Li in "Ocean Paradise", it is said that the film is a transformation of him. I got used to his unrestrained manner in the world of martial arts, the worry and exhaustion in such a father-son relationship. Although he was a...

    • By Dante 2022-11-12 12:54:06

      It's responsibility, it's love

      I watched this movie by accident when I was bored. I

      saw the poster on PPTV and thought it was a movie about love. From the beginning to the


      , there was no thrilling plot. Some were just trivial scenes of life.

      Thomas always thought that his brother It's his burden, very humiliating,

      but in front of outsiders, he is trying his best to defend Charlie.

      When he saw Charlie follow Thomas to the school

      , Thomas' classmates...

    • By Hilton 2022-11-11 14:59:57

      the same flying

      It's not a special thing for a supermodel to act in a movie, but to act in a small-scale Australian literary film, the Australian girl supermodel GEMMA WARD did something different. The film won the "Crystal Bear" award, the highest honor in the teenage film category at the 58th Berlin Film Festival. GEMMA's performance on the red carpet is still so professional.
      GEMMA is the only light in this noisy film about the family of an autistic child. Most of the time, the male...

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    • By Tyreek 2023-05-13 15:57:07

      Some of the clips are a bit hypocritical, and Gemma Ward's character is too angelic, but I like the performance of this one, the description of the autistic person who is not afraid of offense, and the power of plain and...

    • By Marley 2023-04-11 11:15:37

      Archives 2014.6.21.7pm The campus love scene is not too harmonious, but Gemma Ward is too sexy, enough to perfectly interpret the lust of adolescence. The main line has the family problems of the autistic brother, and the relationship between the brothers is OK. Accepting that the brother will not get better, and reconciling with life under this belief, this is actually a common life situation, based on the current situation. For what can be...

    • By Kathryn 2023-03-19 22:39:17

      I broke down again. . . . ....

    • By Donato 2023-03-16 15:54:42

      I downloaded the wrong movie, but I saw the Gemma Ward I...

    • By Mollie 2023-03-02 11:50:32

      The warmth is more than enough, and the depth is also passable. It's a bit like "Deep Love" with a strong drug added to make the commercial flavor a bit...

    Movie plot

    The Thomas family of four moved to a small town in Commonwealth of Australia. His father was a local garrison officer, his mother was pregnant, and the biggest headache for Thomas was that he had a silly older brother. Due to the move, Thomas also came to the new school and learned to swim as a lifeguard . Here, he met the beautiful female classmate Maggie. Although Mei Qi grew up in a single-parent family, she was cheerful by nature....
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    Movie quotes

    • Maggie Mollison: Simon the underwear goes on the inside.

      Simon Mollison: Maggie please you don't have to worry about it.

      Maggie Mollison: It's very embarrassing.

    • Maggie Mollison: Cheeky Monkey.

    • Maggie Mollison: Your brother will never be able to do the things you can Thomas, He will live with us for the rest of his life.