The Black Balloon movie plot

2022-07-12 22:44
The Thomas family of four moved to a small town in Commonwealth of Australia. His father was a local garrison officer, his mother was pregnant, and the biggest headache for Thomas was that he had a silly older brother. Due to the move, Thomas also came to the new school and learned to swim as a lifeguard . Here, he met the beautiful female classmate Maggie. Although Mei Qi grew up in a single-parent family, she was cheerful by nature. In the gradual contact, Thomas and Maggie developed a good impression of each other, and this Thomas brought the motivation of life. But on the other hand, his older brother Charlie, who is mentally handicapped, often brings great trouble to Thomas. It made him constantly humiliated among his classmates and girlfriends, but his girlfriend Maggie did not feel disgusted with his brother Charlie, but took the initiative to help him, although Charlie still became a heart disease in Thomas' new life. On the one hand, the pregnant mother, the officer's father, enlightens Thomas, and Charlie, as his elder brother, should undertake these; At this time, the pregnant mother gave birth to a little sister for them. Younger sister, mentally retarded older brother, Thomas felt like he was in a vicious circle. At Thomas's birthday party, Thomas invited Maggie to celebrate his birthday with him, but his autistic brother made an unexpected move to Maggie, showing his genitals to Maggie to show his respect for him The physical desire of his younger brother's girlfriend made Thomas, who had been suppressed for a long time, finally burst out. He first smashed Charlie's new game console to pieces, then slapped Charlie. These seem to have derailed Thomas' life. At night, he came to Maggie's house alone, and the kind Maggie comforted him. On the way home, Thomas met his brother who was waiting for his return. The conflict between the two was resolved with the wind in a few simple sign languages ​​from brother Charlie. Life is back to normal. In the Charlie School performance, Thomas appeared on stage with Charlie. Only then did Thomas realize how much he loved his brother.
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The Black Balloon quotes

  • Thomas Mollison: Dad, do you ever wish Charlie was normal?

    Simon Mollison: All I know is he's my own, and you're weak as piss if you don't look after your own.

  • Jackie Masters: Close your eyes, what do you see?

    Thomas Mollison: Black.

    Jackie Masters: Look harder.

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