• Director: Kirk DeMicco, Brandon Jeffords
  • Writer: Kirk DeMicco,Quiara Alegría Hudes,Peter Barsocchin
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Release date: August 6, 2021
  • Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39 : 1
  • Also known as: Chú Gấu Vivo
  • "Vivo" is a musical adventure animation produced by Sony Pictures and Sony Animation, directed by Kirk de Micco, written by Peter Basocchini, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Inerali Dubbed by Seamus, Zoe Saldana, Brian Tyree Henry, Nicole Baier, etc.   , it will be released  .
    The film tells the story of Weaver the Bear and Gabi, the cool girl, who escorted the "Music of Love" on a joyful adventure  .


    • Release date August 6, 2021
    • Filming locations Havana, Cuba
    • Production companies Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Layne 2022-09-15 19:23:57

      bear's summer

      As a song and dance anime, it's really brilliant! The plot is simple but very sincere. It expresses love and persistence with a simple plot, and moves forward in the face of difficulties. Qualified family movie!

      The plot of the adventure in the jungle is tense, and the laughs are also very suitable, and then the display of family affection is very touching.

      The music of the film is remarkable, filled with Cuban style,...

    • By Haylie 2022-09-08 02:29:29

      love and music

      A touching music animation movie, good music, and a story of love. Only having music and love is the greatest happiness in our life. If you have love, say it out loud! The vivo and the characterful little girl in the movie left a deep impression on me. They are persistent, brave, and full of love. The music and rap part in the movie is very good. There are funny scenes, moving to tears, and a lot of love. Close to the communication between mother and child in real life, it is a movie worth...

    • By Jan 2022-09-05 16:37:08

      Joy is moving and warm

      In the movie, is the little cute bear really not a monkey? Hahahaha cute and soft! The storyline is compact. Kind of like a musical! In order to fulfill Grandpa's last wish, the cute baby of the little Vivo character came to Miami by himself. The process was twists and turns but his tenacious will defeated many difficulties in the brigade! Many details are touching, and family affection is shown. The music in the whole movie is very good and active. Friends who like music...

    • By Einar 2022-07-21 22:32:41

      Honey Bear's Journey

      At first glance, I was careless, but in the end I couldn't extricate myself. This is my mental journey. Honey Bear Weaver's last wish for the sudden death of his close relative, Andre, is to dedicate his own lyrics and music to his beloved Marta. I am ecstatic about everything that happened in this operation, such as the fate with Gabi, the adventure in the forest, etc. Through stories, the biggest gain is enlightenment. If you can express everything you experience in life through personal...

    • By Moshe 2022-07-21 21:06:10

      cartoons for kids

      As a song and dance anime, it's really brilliant! At the beginning, I thought it was an Indian movie. It was very joyful with all kinds of singing and dancing. Although the plot was relatively simple, it was very sincere. It expressed love and persistence with a simple plot. The truth of positive progress in the face of difficulties is a relatively good film. Family movie!

      The plot of the adventure in the jungle is tense and there are many laughs, especially the part where the...

    User comments

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    • By Viviane 2022-08-20 11:48:50

      I love musicals, love stories with huge regrets, and the friendship between two opposite and complementary personalities... So, I love this...

    • By Anais 2022-07-21 22:45:58

      Sony + Netflix, the story is too routine, and the characters, style of painting, and music are not very pleasing. The honey bear painting style is really like a monkey. btw this movie has nothing to do with...

    • By Chadrick 2022-07-21 21:22:48

      The screenwriters can't give up treatment completely just because they know that Shakespeare Lin's creation is forever a help in the snow,...

    • By Delia 2022-07-21 15:09:05

      There are songs first, and then there are scripts. It seems like a story is cobbled together in order to string the songs together. After Vivo first picked up the score by the fountain, it started to get out of control, and the movie has just passed 18 minutes, even if the episode One song after another is very good to listen to but also makes people incompetent! It was because of the confidence and expectations established by "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" and "Intelligent Counterattack" in...

    • By Jayda 2022-07-21 14:53:59

      1. Just like the gorilla George in "Curious George" was mistaken for a monkey, the honey bear Vivo in "Honey Bear's Summer" was also mistaken for a monkey (Honey Bear, Latin name: Potos flavus, English name: Kinkajou, a raccoon family living in the rainforest, the only species under the genus Honey Bear...); 2. Similar look and feel to "In the Heights": the song and dance are not bad, the story is a little boring; 3. And "Intelligent Big" "Counter Attack" also had his nephew Kun to watch the...

    Early publicity

    On September 23, 2021, the film officially confirmed its introduction to mainland China, and released the "Happy Singing" version of the poster and trailer   ; on September 28, the film released the Honey Bear talent poster and the "unique" version of the MV   ; September 30 On the day, the film released a set of scene design drawings   . On October 9, the film released a behind-the-scenes special of "The Birth of a Honey Bear"   ; on...
    more about Vivo Early publicity

    Movie quotes

    • Andrés: Heeey! Ladies and gentlemen, the show is right this way. Right this way! Heeey, we have prepared for you a dazzling display, right this way. So gather round, my friends, and here we go. Presenting the one and only Vivo!

    • Vivo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! Things are moving too fast.

      Andrés: We leave the old home town with this note from the past!

      Vivo: No, no, no, no! Stay home! In this life that we've made, with the songs that we've played.

      Andrés: Vivo, don't be afraid!

    • Vivo: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Vivo the kinkajou! Oh, what's a kinkajou? Oh, baby, I think that you ready to learn a thing or two. Watch me swing as I sing at you every single thing I can think of to make you scream Whoo!

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