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2022-07-21 17:45
On September 23, 2021, the film officially confirmed its introduction to mainland China, and released the "Happy Singing" version of the poster and trailer   ; on September 28, the film released the Honey Bear talent poster and the "unique" version of the MV   ; September 30 On the day, the film released a set of scene design drawings   . On October 9, the film released a behind-the-scenes special of "The Birth of a Honey Bear"   ; on October 12, the film released a music special   ; on October 13, the film released a set of scenes with the theme of "Adventure Journey" Setting map   ; in October, the film released the "Rainforest Distress" feature film   ; in October, the film released nine stills   ; in October, the film released the "Happy Pursuit" clip   ; on October 27, the film released " Messenger of Love" character trailer and poster   . The official announcement of the film will be on November 5th, and the final trailer and poster of the "Adventure Set sail" version will be released   ; on November 2nd, the film will release the "Cool Girl Manifesto" MV   ; in November, the film will release a behind-the-scenes special   ; 11 On the 5th, the film released the MV of "True Love Lasts" and the poster of "Released Today"   ; in November, the film released the clip of "Mother-Daughter Reconciliation"   ; in November, the film released a word-of-mouth special   ; Let Love Fly" segment   .
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Vivo quotes

  • Andrés: Heeey! Ladies and gentlemen, the show is right this way. Right this way! Heeey, we have prepared for you a dazzling display, right this way. So gather round, my friends, and here we go. Presenting the one and only Vivo!

  • Vivo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down! Things are moving too fast.

    Andrés: We leave the old home town with this note from the past!

    Vivo: No, no, no, no! Stay home! In this life that we've made, with the songs that we've played.

    Andrés: Vivo, don't be afraid!

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