An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power evaluation action

2022-07-21 22:42
After watching the second episode with the aftershocks and expectations of the first episode 10 years ago, I was actually a little disappointed.
In the documentary, Mr. Gore wanders around the world in various venues and government departments, calling on people to take practical actions to improve the global environment. The footage showing his behavior is obviously more than the first episode. The natural world under the trend of global warming. The affected changes are depicted, and the chapters that demonstrate large-scale PPT are also fragmented, which leads to a significant decline in the viewing and shocking power of the second episode. …
However, aside from these, we can see that even though the scholar's environmental protection fighter, Mr. Gore, was already full of white hair, he was still sparing no effort to run around and speak loudly for the cause of environmental protection. His voice and momentum were still full of passion, still worthy of respect!
I believe you will remember his deafening appeal: Don't listen to others, saying that human beings will get on a rocket and fly to Mars to live. When disaster strikes, you can't even escape where you live.
Earth is our home! 
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An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power quotes

  • Al Gore: In order to address the environmental crisis, we're going to have to spend some time fixing the democracy crisis.

  • Al Gore: [because of sea level rise] The Maldives have an enormous amount at risk. Kiribati has already purchased land to move its entire population.

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