West of Memphis

West of Memphis

  • Director: Amy Berg
  • Writer: Amy Berg,Billy McMillin
  • Countries of origin: New Zealand, United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: November 22, 2012
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1
  • Also known as: Zapadno od Memfisa
  • It was a sensational case back then. It happened in 1993 when three boys in Memphis were killed, two drowned and another brutally mutilated and their bodies tied up and abandoned by a muddy creek. Based on the wounds on the victim's body and the on-site investigation, the police determined that this was a crazy religious sacrifice. Three men who were teenagers at the time: Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin were arrested as criminals and all received life sentences with suspended death sentences. But the three have always claimed to be innocent...


    • Release date November 22, 2012
    • Filming locations Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
    • Production companies Disarming Films, WingNut Films

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Brice 2022-04-13 08:01:01

      I'm hesitant to watch this movie... Can anyone who's seen it come in and give me some advice?

      To be honest, the story told by this film is not to my taste. The only documentary I watched

      recently was "Little Sugar Man" that gave me a high score...

      "The Imposter" (The Imposter) can only be said to be ok.. .How do

      you think this film is better than "The Impostor"?

      After reading the outline of the story, I can only say that I have no desire to watch the film after that. If I just narrate the story.. I can only say that it’s okay

      unless it...

    • By Neoma 2022-04-13 08:01:01

      Suspenseful opinion

      Today for the first time in my life I put on a nail polish, orange, bright like a tinted mirror to reflect my contours. In the dark, the orange turns blood red, like ticking human blood, and ten Yin Hong's fingernails reflect the gray shadow, just like this murder case, the murderer will always be covered by the blood of that year's child .
        This is a documentary, and strictly speaking there are no spoilers, because the killer was never found. Speaking of which, I first knew that "The...

    • By Micaela 2022-04-13 08:01:01

      "West Memphis"--The Cruel Breakthrough of the "Justice" Butterfly

      Cause of event:

      In 1993, the bodies of three boys were found in a ditch, with numerous wounds on their bodies, suspected of being sexually assaulted, and a boy whose genitals were castrated.

      Event process:

      Three eccentric teenagers around the age of sixteen were charged with murdering a boy by a cult sacrificial sacrifice....

    • By Aletha 2022-04-13 08:01:01

      West of Memphis - 8/10

      I knew about this case earlier because of the highly rated Paradise Lost trilogy. Because of my curiosity about this case, I planned to watch these three documentaries, but I did not expect to watch West of Memphis in the theater.

      The film basically tells the story of the case and everything that has happened over the past 20 years. The first hour of the film brought me huge questions. I wondered why the three teenagers were plead guilty if they were wronged, and the various...

    • By Flo 2022-04-13 08:01:01

      Compromised justice

      "West Memphis" is a documentary about the murder of three boys in Memphis, Arkansas, USA in 1993. As far as the film itself is concerned, the production level of this film is quite high. It shows the height of the American society under the rule of law. For the innocent three suspects, the 147-minute film time obviously cannot outline the pain of their 18-year prison life after losing their freedom. Moreover, the real culprit has not been brought to justice so far. Suspects, this result is just...

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    • By Scarlett 2022-04-17 09:01:13

      I really don't understand the laws of the United States, but I can still be released after pleading...

    • By Yvette 2022-04-17 09:01:13

      8.5 minutes and more than two hours of documentary, but it doesn't feel dull at...

    • By Dorthy 2022-04-17 09:01:13

      The feature film of the documentary is very successful, but the position is too clear, and it seems to be biased. After all, the other party's evidence and claims are too little and too weak! And, the last suspect. . . ? ?...

    • By Jaleel 2022-04-17 09:01:13

      Child murders, the police's speculative judgments, cult murders, three innocent teenagers were reviled and fell into prison, in the face of layers of perjury, DNA throws out actual and credible real evidence, pointing directly at the beastly stepfather, the outsider decides Stand up, denounce humanity, denounce justice, 18 years of destruction, before the law, the power of public opinion, the government is difficult to compromise, the light has come too...

    • By Darion 2022-04-17 09:01:13

      Personally, I am not very satisfied with this small and fresh ending, because in the end, even if the loopholes in the judicial process were discovered, they were not corrected. The murderer has not yet been brought to...

    Movie plot

    The documentary "West of Memphis" supervised by the great director Peter Jackson made its debut at the sundance film festival at the beginning of the year and was well received. The film focuses on the murder of three boys in Memphis, Arkansas, in 1993. All three suspects were sentenced to life in prison with reprieve. However, the three have always claimed their innocence and continued to make various efforts in prison. In 2011, the...
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    Behind the scenes gags

    Sony has bought the worldwide distribution rights to West of Memphis, a documentary produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Amy Borg .
    This documentary documents the investigation of the "Memphis Three" (West Memphis Three) that year. The sensational case of the year occurred in 1993. Three boys were killed in Memphis, Arkansas, USA, two of them drowned, another was brutally genital mutilated, and their bodies were tied up and...
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    Movie quotes

    • Damien Wayne Echols: The thing I like most about time is that it's not real. It's all in the head. Sure, it's a useful trick if you wanna meet someone at a specific place in the universe to have tea or coffee. But that's all it is, a trick. There's no such thing as the past, it exists only in the memory. There's no such thing as the future, it exists only in our imagination. If our watches were truly accurate the only thing they would ever say is now.

    • Damien Wayne Echols: [quoting Stephen King] "All right I think we've been down here in the dark long enough. There's a whole other world upstairs. Take my hand, Constant Reader, and I'll be happy to lead you back into the sunshine. I'm happy to go there because I believe most people are essentially good. I know that I am. It's you I'm not entirely sure of."

    • Henry Rollins: [when asked why he was drawn to the West Memphis 3 case] Damien liked to hang out alone and wrote in his journals that he was depressed. Hello! He liked to listen to weird music. Check. He was a wise-ass in the face of law enforcement. I mean, are you kidding? It could have been me. Could have been me.