Never Rarely Sometimes Always Quotes

  • Skylar: What did the Doctor say?

    Autumn: They couldn't really help me

    Skylar: Why not?

    Autumn: I took a test.

    Skylar: What kind of test?

    [Autumn then retches and throws up]

  • Skylar: Don't you ever just wish you were a dude?

    Autumn: All the time.

  • Social Worker #2: Whatever your decision is is totally fine, as long as it's yours.

  • Social Worker #2: Your partner has threatened or frightened you. Never? Rarely? Sometimes? Always?

    Autumn: Why are you asking me this?

    Social Worker #2: I want to make sure that you're safe.

Extended Reading
  • Reinhold 2022-04-06 09:01:07

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  • Lola 2022-04-06 09:01:07

    4.5 Really ended the movie like that, without any preaching or reconciliation, etc. Just like the lives of many people, it passed without realizing it, and the standard movie language was omitted directly, creating a very natural state. The perfect spot on the middle side makes me want to cry. The two heroines are also very good, the scene is also super cute, and a little shy. PS Neither "Lady Bird" nor this film, there is no need to compare, and there is no need to judge which is more real, both movies based on life are real.