Understanding and impressions from a business perspective

Freddy 2022-04-19 09:01:45

This drama was recommended by our corporate culture teacher, and there were clips in the class. When Coach Carter first got in touch with the players, he had something in common with the corporate culture construction in the early days of his business:

1. Create cultural norms so they learn to respect. Respect others and you will be respected by others.

2. Institutionalize. Write the agreed agreement on paper and sign it. The contract is the institutional constraint in business cooperation.

3. There may be opponents in the early stage of creating a new corporate culture. At this time, the implementation of negative incentives, that is, punishment, has a deterrent effect on members. Coach Carter's throwing Cruz out shows that.

4. Give hope. Coach Carter gave them an expectation of being a winner, which would better motivate the staff.

Here are other thoughts.

1. Act like a winner, be a winner. Only by acting like a winner will you be a winner. Therefore, we should strive to make ourselves learn from excellent people in order to become excellent people.

2. Carter asked Cruz, what are you most afraid of? asked twice. Later, Cruz came to his senses after experiencing the murder of his cousin, and finally answered Carter, "What we are afraid of is unpredictable power, and what we are afraid of is light. (To the effect)". I think people are most afraid of unpredictable things, because they can't control them, and they feel uneasy.

3. I really admire Coach Carter, who is simply Richmond's life mentor, pointing the light. He was so determined. Students play basketball for the honor of winning and the vanity of being worshipped. And Carter was thinking about their future. There is nothing wrong with the saying that knowledge changes destiny. Children at the bottom have few options in life if they do not receive a higher education, and it feels more chaotic in the United States. But it can be seen from the film that both parents and teachers have given up on their children, thinking that they only need to play football. The principal said, "Basketball is the highlight of a child's life, how can you take it away," while Carter said, "That's the point." Isn't it sad that their lives are basketball and nothing else?

Coach Carter faced so much opposition when he forced his players to study, smashed glass, spat on, and asked to leave. He is not understood. But fortunately, his children understand his intentions, and it is worth persevering.

Wish there were more people like Coach Carter in the world.

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  • Alden 2022-03-26 09:01:04

    Very nice inspirational movie, Samuel Jackson's acting skills are still hot, the coach's tough and tender side is well portrayed, especially the scene where he hugs the student whose relative was shot, super moving!

  • Grayson 2021-11-19 08:01:27

    Dare to face fear, is the real life

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