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Summary of "Coach Carter" after watching:

The coach represents the leader and the educator: the goal of doing things is very clear, and there is a teaching plan that can be implemented for quantitative evaluation, teaching students according to their aptitude; focusing on solid basic training is the cornerstone of success; firm belief in success, even if the process has When you are not understood or challenged, you will stick to your own principles, and firmly implement the necessary behaviors to achieve success. This firm belief will also infect your students’ own team; cultivate and establish the correct values ​​of the team,

Students are learners, educated, and employees. There are three scenes in the movie that left a deep impression on me. One is the conversation between the coach and the principal about the background of the school in the area. The victory of a basketball season is the most splendid moment in the life of most players. Do students know this fact? Have they considered the impact of this cruel reality on their life? They don’t know and have never thought to know, because the surrounding environment has made them accustomed to it, because they have never seen a better one. The past has changed, so I don't feel how pitiful my situation is. Fortunately, the coach helped them and changed their fate. How profound is the influence of a person's thinking pattern on people? At the same age, the coach's son has a clear understanding of how to take his own life path and implements his commitment to his father. At the same age and educational level, why do some friends have a clear plan for their future and stick to it to the end, preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, preparing for work, preparing for marriage, and me, haha...

In another scene, one of the team's girlfriends is pregnant, and they are impressed by several conversations about the future.

Third, there was a game. It was obvious that the Richmond team members were in a state of victory. At least the physical strength of the competitors could no longer keep up. I want to talk about a person's external image, external state can really give people a lot of information, positive and negative evaluation.

Persistence, study, basic skills, execution, commitment, change destiny to success.

This movie reminds me a lot of Wang Guozhen's poems:

If you have an unyielding soul, there will be a solid ground under your feet...

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