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Lottie 2022-04-20 09:01:40

My basketball skills are terrible, but it doesn't stop me from being a basketball fan, the movie "Coach Carter" is very famous in the basketball fan circle, but I didn't watch it until yesterday - I used to watch this genre before The movie is really not interesting.

The "type" I'm talking about is an inspirational movie with a clichéd plot. Before I watched it, I knew what kind of plot it was: Athletes lost one after another, lost their fighting spirit, new coaches appeared, and new teaching methods were used to teach players , the players did not understand at first, and then as the training deepened, they began to win continuously, the players began to flutter, and then they were hit in the head and entered a low point. The coach delivered a thought-provoking speech, and the players woke up. entered a new peak.

The overall plot of "Coach Carter" is more or less the same, but what it conveys is different from other films in the genre. My conclusion is: basketball is not the whole of life.

In the film, Coach Carter signed a contract with each member of the Richmond basketball team, requiring each player to go to class, sit in the front row, and have a GPA of 2.3 or above, not to mention that the athletes do not understand, Even the principal didn't understand. Later, because a few players didn't go to class and their grades were unqualified, Coach Carter closed the arena and required all players to meet the requirements in his contract, otherwise the game would be suspended indefinitely. At this time, what he said to the team members can be said to be the essence of the whole film, he said: "The high school graduation rate of this middle school is only 50%, and only 6% of the graduates can go to college, not to go to college. College, so what can you do, for black people in America, the answer is probably jail — in our community, 33% of black males aged 18-24 go to jail, and you're more likely to go to jail than college The odds are still 80% higher! When you go home, think carefully about your future, look at your parents' current situation, and ask yourself, what kind of future do you want."

But the parents of the players didn't do it. They went to the school committee to ask for the suspension to be stopped and the coach to be fired! Several parents said: "This kid lives for basketball. He comes to school every day now. If you don't let him play basketball, who knows what bad things he will do?" "Basketball is the life of these children. The only thing, can we let Carter just destroy them like that." Americans' thinking is different from our Chinese. We plan ahead and take a long-term view when raising children. The American (black) people are different. They seem to live in the moment. Children love to play basketball and do not do other bad things. Leave them alone, what will they rely on to eat in the future? More on that later. So as a Chinese parent, when I see this passage, I find it particularly absurd. When Coach Carter heard the parents speak like this, he said: "What I want to tell the children is that only by being disciplined can you make a difference, and there will be more opportunities to earn a living in the future." He also said that he has three decades. Many of the former teammates who played together were either jailed or died. This is a matter of education. Now he will reform through his methods to change the future of the children. When he said this, a sentence appeared on the barrage of the movie: "There is no need to teach, the bottom is the bottom." Sure enough, when Coach Carter went on to say: "If you want to vote to lift the ball ban, you don't have to fire me, I quit." The parents below actually applauded! He also shouted "GOOD, GOOD". I really don't understand the brain circuits of these black parents.

Fortunately, the players understood the coach's good intentions. The ball ban was lifted and the arena was reopened. When Coach Carter walked into the arena, he found that the players were all studying there! Coach Carter showed a gratified smile, these kids finally passed the test, and their ball ban was really lifted! The last and most important game was the knockout round of the statewide competition, where they faced their toughest opponents and a player with an NBA prospect. In the first three quarters of the game, they have been behind their opponents, in the fourth quarter, encouraged by the coach, they chased up, and before the end of the game, they went ahead by 1 point! If the game is won, obviously the story fits the vision of most people - the exam is passed, the game is won, the quintessential American dream. But it is also clear that there are other better endings that can resonate and think more about the audience - they were killed by the best player in the opponent's team at the last second.

I think this lore is to tell the Richmond players that you love basketball, you have a strong will to win games, and a good coach can lead you to win. But in the face of the absolute talent of the opponent, these qualities seem particularly insignificant and not worth mentioning. You have to re-examine yourselves, which is the best path for you to take, basketball is a bowl of rice, not everyone can take it up, you can't win if you work hard, and you can play a career if you just live in Now, live in the current basketball, as black Americans, your future is as coach Carter said, "33% will go to jail, and the chance of going to jail is 80% higher than the chance of going to college."

Coach Carter has always emphasized "discipline" in the film, including basketball training, games, and learning. He knows that blacks in the community have such a high crime rate because of lack of discipline. , ended up in a prison. So Coach Carter not only taught them how to play, but also how to walk this life. Losing this knockout match, not winning the championship is nothing, you have won college scholarships, and you have a wider life. At the end of the film, it introduces the later stories of several protagonists of the story. They won college scholarships and wrote Looking ahead to their brighter future, they must know in their hearts that Coach Carter is not only a coach, but also a mentor in life.

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