You should bless the soul you can't win if your emotions are not self-centered

Jacques 2022-04-19 09:01:43

Mike pursued Julian for nine years, Julian has been showing Mike in a perfect posture, this perfection has been maintained because of Julian's constant rejection, she has reached the height of the goddess in Mike's heart, because you know, can't. What you get will always be the most perfect and unforgettable, but unforgettable does not mean that it will be with you for a lifetime. There are always times when people are tired and weak, and when they need to repay. Mike was tired. One day after nine years, the college student who was obedient by his side finally moved his heart. On the departing train, Mike said to her, marry me, so she was very natural The promise, and just like that, Julian became Mike's unforgettable past, past.

When Mike called Julian to tell Julian that he was getting married, Julian fell off the bed, and she woke up like a dream. It turned out that the person who regarded her as a goddess no longer belonged to her. She was too selfish, she regarded herself as everything in life, did not cherish the rare prince, and did not return the once hot love for so many years, so everything went away. When someone who has loved you for years tells you about his decision, it must be an irreversible decision.

Julian tormented herself and everyone in the swing, she said to Mike's fiancée, you know, you're like a perfect dessert, but Mike doesn't want dessert, he wants something else. The fiancee said what he wanted. Julian said he wanted jelly. The fiancee said, then I'm going to turn into jelly.

This is the difference between Mike's fiancee and Julian. Regardless of whether it is childish and innocent, this is what Julian lacks. The focus of love is beyond himself.

People say that love needs companionship. But one-way love for another is not necessary. When you can't win the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, then what you should do most is to bless that person and wish him happiness and joy. As the supporting actor said to Julian, you are chasing Mike, Mike is chasing his soon-to-be wife, who is chasing you? Remember, the wedding will be at six and you have very little chance of doing the right thing, you know?

To bless others, is it sad? Are you sorry? But that's the only right thing you can do, if your love isn't as self-centered as it once was, if you've learned after a hard fall that love isn't just about taking, it's giving back, giving back to life.

Don't try to seize those irreversible deaths, this is a truth that everyone should understand, neither sad nor happy. If you don't, it will only be worse, not better.

Life is like that sometimes, if you can't do better, please don't do worse.

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