Abyssal Backlash

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"Death of the Sacred Deer" uses life to interpret Euripides-style tragic fables. It uses life to show that there is nothing new outside the Bible, to show that human nature is neither good or bad, but only gains and losses in the process of weighing interests.

Li An told his son not to stare at the abyss all the time, because after staring for a long time, the abyss will begin to stare at you. The doctor's self-righteous redemption was devoured by the abyss.
The male protagonist is a cardiac surgeon, and the wife is an ophthalmologist. He has an eldest daughter and a young son, and lives in a wealthy area. The family life looks good and almost perfect, and the daily life is step by step. But an accident changed everything. Before the heart doctor's operation, the patient died on the operating table because of drinking alcohol. Out of guilt, the doctor began to contact the patient's 16-year-old boy to realize his salvation. The boy was also willing to have an affair with the doctor. However, as the contact deepened, I realized that this child is not so simple. He came to take revenge on the doctor, and began to curse the doctor, asking three members of the doctor's family to die and one to pay for his father's life.
The mother found out that her youngest son could not walk, so she started to investigate and found out about her husband's medical accident. At this time, it was the heart doctor's apparent best friend and partner anesthesiologist who gave him the information. , they gave different evaluations, and they all definitely believed that it was each other's fault. This is "friendship". In addition, the anesthesiologist has coveted the doctor's wife for a long time. In return for providing investigation materials, the anesthesiologist asked the doctor's wife to let him wipe the oil before cooperating. Friendship's boat was smashed into powder by internal force in calm weather, but it still did not collapse, and the friendship still looked intact. Those seemingly two-sided swords are maintained by the acting skills of both sides.

The logic of a child is that when someone hurts you, the apology or comfort of others will make the wound more painful, so the best way to apologize is to hurt others too. The child has demonstrated this with his own practice. Biting the doctor, and then biting myself again to illustrate the truth.
The curse began. The doctor's three relatives, his wife, his eldest daughter, and his youngest son all had this symptom. They couldn't move their legs, then they couldn't eat, their eyes bleed, and they died. First the younger son, then the older daughter.
With the fulfillment of the child's curse, everyone began to panic, and the doctor began to threaten the boy, but the boy was unmoved, and said, if you kill me, your family will die, so the doctor has begun to be in a dilemma, which one should die. Relatives made themselves miserable for the rest of their lives or killed the little boy and everyone died together. During the period of taking care of the little boy, the doctor brought the little boy to his house and to the little boy's house. When he brought the little boy to his house, the little boy and the doctor's daughter began to have a purposeful love. At the little boy's house When the boy let his mother seduce the doctor. The little boy is doing seemingly unreasonable things with a cold mind.
Slowly the doctor found that when the curse could not be eliminated, the doctor began to think about who was going to die. The three relatives should not be far or near. At this time, a choice must be made. The doctor's wife, in religious stories, represents submissiveness. Even in the married life, she said she was anesthetized. With this attitude, when the doctor chose who died, she chose to please the doctor and she didn't like it. But the black dress the doctor likes. What the doctor thought about was how to choose one between his son and his daughter, although he prefers the daughter, because the daughter is more well-behaved and will please her. The daughter even begged the boy to let her be taken away and let the younger brother die. He also thought about the death of the younger brother. You can leave the MP3 to her, she is doing everything calmly, she seems to take it for granted, and uses her high acting skills to tell her parents that I can die, but tell my parents in terms of behavior, leave me, family love is here That moment became a prop for the show. The little boy, after all, is still young. At the end, because the doctor's father always disliked his long hair, he still cut it off. It was also a kind of show to his family that his time was short.

In desperation, the doctor blindfolded, tied up his wife, daughter, and son, and then used a Russian turntable to randomly fire guns to see which of them died, and the little boy fell down.

Family affection, when there is a choice, also has weight. This movie uses a peaceful violence to abuse people's hearts. Maybe this is the reason why religious teachings exist.

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