The Killing of a Sacred Deer movie plot

2021-12-01 08:01
Stevenis a cardiac surgeon who looks strong on the outside but weak on the inside. Everything looks fine in his home. He lives with his wife Annaan ophthalmologistand two children-14-year-old Jim and 12-year-old Bob.
When Steven died of a medical accident because of his alcoholism, Martin's father suddenly appeared and came to him frequently. Steven tried to get rid of him with gifts and even gave expensive watches, but Martin kept showing up, so the doctor decided to invite him home for dinner, and Martin also deliberately contacted the Steven family and even seduced Steven’s daughter Fell in love with myself.
One day, Bob couldn't get up, his legs were numb, and he had to be taken to the hospital where Steven worked. Steven's colleagues are helpless. At this time Martin told Steven that because Steven killed his father, Steven had to kill one of his family members as compensation, otherwise his family would be unable to walk first, and then unable to eat, and then He shed tears and finally died.
As time went on, Martin's intimidation was fulfilled one by one, and after his wife learned the truth, a fierce argument broke out with Steven. His mistake caused the family's destruction. His wife and children began to doubt whether the father was qualified, but the son who tried to cut his hair according to Steven's request to please his son was finally shot and killed by Steven reluctantly. Instead, the rebellious daughter survived.
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    The shelf is too high

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    I think it's better than The Lobster. Because it is more cruel than "The Lobster", more hopeless, and leaves no trace of thoughts. Although it is based on an archetype of a classical tragedy and a motif of "homomorphic revenge", it is brilliant in that it pays attention to and carefully restores the whole process from the beginning to the middle and after the sacrifice of the victim of the revenge. and all kinds of human nature that may emerge in it. Really cold to the bone.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer quotes

  • Anna Murphy: [to her husband] I believe the most logical thing, no matter how harsh this may sound, is to kill a child. Because we can have another child. I still can and you can. And if you can't, we can try IVF, but I'm sure we can.

  • Kim Murphy: [to her father] I love you so much, don't forget that. You gave me life and you, only you, have the right to take my life away. That makes perfect sense.

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