How much does the director like the design of grabbing a blade with bare hands and flying arrows with bare hands? ? ?

Chelsea 2022-04-19 09:01:52

For my $36, I'm going to complain!

Advantages: The scene PD is ok, and the light is very good. Gone. There are comments that the special effects are very good, which should be ironic. After all, there are no bright spots in Disney's special effects. There are also people who boast that "Liu Yifei is really handsome." I want to say you are so cute?

Disadvantages 1. The performance is very flat, Big Brother Li is tied to a post: Hua Mulan, hurry up, I want to go back to the palace to sleep [Emm].

2. The design of the camera is very poor, the fighting camera can't be connected at all, and even four or five shots can't see what the two people are doing, so the last person fell down, and the one person was standing and it was clear. The director is also very keen on fighting scenes... A quarter of the length of the film is fighting [struggle]

3. The script is poor. The character transformation is inexplicable. Brother Mulan slept for a while, woke up and glanced at his big sword, and suddenly started to take off his clothes to be himself [Goodbye] And it was clear that Hua Mulan had no ability and no treasure on her body, but the villain chief was very jealous of her. . There are also many strange details. For example, Gong Li has quirks and must touch Liu Yifei's big sword [sleepy].

The boss fight at the end is even more... You must be able to laugh out loud when you see it. At this time, I really want to praise the villain. The performance is very good. Those two eyes are staring, full of inexplicable feelings about the abrupt design of the director team. [Smile]

Personal estimates should not exceed 6.5 points in the end. More than that, Liu Yifei is really handsome.

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Mulan quotes

  • Mulan: [from TV spot] My father cannot fight, so I will take his place.

  • Xian Lang: [to Mulan; from trailer] You will die pretending to be something you are not.

    Mulan: Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us!

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