As judged on this film more than a year ago, it's a total rubbish

Ali 2022-04-19 09:01:52

More than a year ago, after watching a few clips, I knew that the plot must be ridiculous. How many people washed it at that time, there are generally several types, and the most impressive are these two:

1. This is a Disney movie, not your Chinese history, so the adaptation is a matter of course.

2. The crew specially came to China for inspection, in-depth study of the relevant history, the details are in place, and a few streets of domestic blockbusters...

Now that the feature film is here, I'm looking forward to those sprays coming back for fancy scrubbing, let me enjoy

A group of Chinese people play Chinese stories in ancient China, because it was made by Hollywood, so speaking English is unquestionable! In Chinese blockbusters, it is natural for foreigners to speak English, anyway, foreign fathers are right in whatever they do!

I remember when I was young, foreigners in Chinese TV dramas and movies all spoke Chinese, the most common being the Japanese in anti-Japanese dramas...

However, with the development and progress of the domestic film and television industry, most foreigners in film and television works either have the original sound in foreign languages, or those specific characters can speak Chinese themselves.

There were so many people biting me like they had been dug up their ancestral graves, as if giving Disney an opinion would be such an offense.

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