If you give four or five stars, don't hurt people, right?

Tatum 2022-04-23 07:01:59

Is it a deliberate attempt to cheat other people's movie tickets to get a high score for this lousy movie? ? ?

I understand and give five points to a film like Fengshen Legend, because the rhythm is fast, the plot is advanced, the special effects are strange, and it satisfies cult lovers.

What is Mulan? ?

There is no plot, no scene, and no appearance. The heroine has nothing to watch in it. The beauty of Gong Li's makeup can hardly see any beauty.

It's utterly boring, and other bad movies may still be worth complaining about, but this is a waste of time for you to sit in the movie theater, and it will scare the children with children.

The water army is unreasonable and uses money to work, I will not fight, I can't understand it, what is it that the water army is not blindly bragging about Mulan?

Are you all spiritual filmmakers for fear that the filmmakers will lose money, and you want to help the filmmakers defraud the audience of money?

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  • Raleigh 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    I don't know if many people gave it five stars without watching it, but I was embarrassed to dunk my toes into the Forbidden City without a green screen.

  • Americo 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    Amou will be silent after watching it, Tiantian will cry when watching it, it is not as good as "The Great Wall"

Mulan quotes

  • Bori Khan: [from final official trailer; to his fellow soldiers] When we take the Imperial City... I will take revenge--for my *father*!

  • Hua Li: [to Hua Zhou, after he accepts his conscription scroll] You're a war hero; you've already made many great sacrifices.