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Obviously~this is a story about democracy~
a speck of dust in a clover flower~compared to the whole big forest~it is too small and worth mentioning~
even if there is a world on it~even if this world It's really destroyed~ It doesn't matter to the residents in the forest~~
But the meaning of democracy is precisely here~~ You can't ignore those small and vulnerable existences because most people can't see~ Most people can't hear~ Even the faintest voice should be heard~ This is where the brilliance of humanity flashes~ We are human~ not the animals that eat the weak in nature~ So let’s not ignore any vulnerable group~ Don’t let anyone be abandoned~ Forgotten~ This It is the reason why human beings are human~~ Just like women, blacks, Jews, homosexuals, disabled people, weak voices are also worthy of attention.

In addition
, most Chinese people disdain cartoons~~ think that only children watch it. Animation ~ Maybe it is the deep-rooted concept of this kind of concept that causes today's China's animation industry to lag far behind the world~~ People always look down at animation from a high place ~ Ignore the deep meaning contained in it~~ Give up the last in my heart. A trace of innocence~ Isn't it a very sad thing?

When everyone is desperate~ and the mayor's youngest son is still shouting stubbornly to the sky~~ I actually feel that my nose is sore~ In fact, moving is so simple~~

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Horton Hears a Who! quotes

  • Narrator: [epilogue] And so, all ended well for both Horton and Who's, and for all in the jungle, even kangaroos. So let that be a lesson to one and to all; a person is a person, no matter how small.

  • Horton: [in imitation of cheaply dubbed anime] I'll make monkeys out of these monkeys!