Thinking of Mr. Lu Xun from the experience of Holden

Chase 2022-04-22 07:01:15

Although I have seen many American animations, Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, this is the first time I have seen a movie with so many political metaphors like "Horton Adventures". Maybe it's because it's adapted from an American book in the 1950s, so many ideas are very strongly displayed in the movie.
Why should we call for democracy? This is not just because we lack the wisdom to brainstorm, but more importantly, we need to hear various voices and think about our existence. The most moving part of the whole film is the moment when all the Huhu people shouted "we are here!" and the kangaroo mother still indifferently put the dust into the oil pan. Because this is a fairy tale, there are still children who will cry out "they do exist, I hear it!" When in reality, we are all monkey army, or that mouse. And we are often the silent majority.
This reminds me of Mr. Lu Xun walking alone in that dark period of history. The most frightening thing is not that everyone is ignorant, but that everyone is sober but no one stands up. Just like Horton, Lu Xun adheres to his principles and believes in the truth that he should uphold. Even if he is locked in a cage and tied up, he will not say anything against his conscience. In the era of Lu Xun, people were the blinded majority, so he did his best to awaken the spirit of the nation, but now, when we are surrounded by smart mice, how will our life change from then? No, some are just more painful in life, because being awake but unable to speak is the most painful. People know the problem but suffer silently, and often even warn those who want to break through like Holden not to do stupid things. This is a wonderful irony.
We now need a Mr. Lu Xun, who can lead us out of the quagmire of thought, and who can truly pursue what we need most and the most basic rights.

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    we are here! we are here! The universe is still dark in my opinion!

Horton Hears a Who! quotes

  • The Mayor of Who-ville: Horton is a giant elephant in the sky!

    [Everyone looks up]

    The Mayor of Who-ville: . Don't bother looking, he's invisible.

  • Heather: Horton! We've all got our own little clovers with worlds on them!

    Jessica: Mine is called Jessica-Land and everyone worships Queen Jessica because Jessica is so beautiful!

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