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Dominic 2022-04-19 09:01:44

Really, I haven't read the original book. I've never been interested in this type of novel, so I don't read it. But it's okay to watch the movie. In general, it was a hit. I don’t know if it’s because of my values ​​or the criteria for judging good and evil, or because the original novel was written too early, and the moral standards at that time were completely different from now. Anyway, I am very unfair to someone.
Come see the male lead, yes, he was framed and put in jail, he deserves to be hated, he deserves revenge. But on the other hand, if he hadn't had a fortune in prison, would he be where he is today? Unless you won the lottery, but there was no lottery in those days. That is to say, although he lost his freedom for a period of time, he gained a beautiful wife who loved him deeply, a child of a well-educated man, and a wealth that was incomparable to a country. How could he be forgiven? But in the end, when his friend (former friend) was dying, he still said he would not forgive. How much can't you tell?
Back to the heroine. Even if she doesn't love Meng Taigu, and has been a husband and wife for so many years, it doesn't necessarily mean that he has treated her badly. She actually betrayed her husband the first time she saw the hero! Cold! Can't even the torture of conscience come? Look how ruthless she is at the last break! Truly the most poisonous woman.
Finally, look at Montague, poor man! At the beginning, for love, he betrayed his friendship. What a price! But what did he get? A child who doesn't love his wife at all, and the enemy he raised. That child, just because he is not related by blood, when his life was threatened, turned his back on the battlefield, it was very immoral! After all, he has raised him for so many years, and he does not miss the kindness of raising him!
In short, the most pitiful is him!

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