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When people live almost, they have to step on the edge of life; when the world develops more or less, they will be pushed to the edge of the times.
There is no room for silence on the edge, either here or somewhere.
Once decided, it is destined to become a brand new existence.
I can't bear to be indifferent, I can't bear to try food, try marriage, and I can't bear to struggle.

"Ponyo, if you become a human, you will lose your mana, would you like it?"

If you were Ponyo, could you leave the magic behind and be willing to be a lowly creature (a stupid human)?
If you were Sousuke, could you leave the toy ship behind and take your partner out of the dark tunnel to a living pool?

"What you can't take away can't be thrown away, let the heavy rain erode it!" Can you?

If there is a world, it's not worth it to be cloudy.
will you fly away?
Will you be madly in love?

If there is an embrace, brave no matter the cost.
will you stay?
Are you breathless?

We used to run wild, dance, talk greedily;
with the cold wet debilitating city debilitating heart.
Corrupted indomitable childishness, free-spirited optimism.
We became unable to move an inch.

However, do you remember?
There is no room for silence on the edge, either here or somewhere.

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  • Sammy 2021-11-27 08:01:18

    I gave five stars because I love Hayao Miyazaki. .

  • Sammy 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Can you say that the most brainwashed thing is the song??? Ponyo is really cute

Ponyo quotes

  • Ponyo: Ponyo loves Sosuke!

  • Ponyo: Ponyo wants ham!