Process trumps result Feeling trumps logic

Brooke 2022-04-22 07:01:16

The second time I saw it, the last time I saw it was a long time ago.

I usually watch those heavy animation feature films many times, but the first time I saw Jinyu Ji, I thought it was very ordinary and a little inexplicable. I thought the appearance of the goddess was too earthy, and the magic special effects were also very earthy, which was very impressive. Only the gas (diesel?) oil generator, so I haven't seen it again. What's scary is that in a certain video dictation exam, I couldn't think of an option in the question that was actually Goldfish. I thought I'd be able to test Chihiro's giant system. As a result, Mao didn't have the impression that he could only choose to draw Avatar, which I also disliked, but when I glanced at other people in the examination room, some people's paintings were extremely reductive, and I could remember the details of Sousuke, Ponyo, and the boat. So accurate, and the colors and strokes look great. Then I knew the destiny for a second, and felt that it was right to crawl away with the knee that was hit by the arrow.

I don't remember why I suddenly wanted to watch it again. Then I found out, wow, it's so good.


First of all, I like the setting of this port town. Think about it, if the setting is that tourists from a big city come to a tourist beach with clear water and sand to meet a beautiful mermaid, it sounds very romantic, but it will be pale and boring. Risa Sosuke lives in this small town, Risa does ordinary work, and Koichi is a captain (probably a fishing boat) who is at sea all year round. This is very special and lifelike, and the terrain here is also very interesting, the Sosuke family can reach the (dirty) seaside along the path in the grass. The crossing here is not a train, but a big ship.

My favorite part of this movie is the foreshadowing paragraphs that explain the background of the story.


Near humans, the sea is very dirty, but from a distance, the sea is still beautiful. The real coast is basically like this, which also represents the goal of Ponyo's father: to drown the dirty human world that only knows what to ask for, and start all over again.

But for some unknown reason, Ponyo and those little fish sisters are inexplicably rebelling against their father and getting closer to humans. Perhaps because his approach is still extreme and authoritarian, one should not judge the world. And Ponyo's mother is probably the real divinity, she loves everything, loves the ocean and loves human beings. As for turning Ponyo into a human, I don't think it is to sell Ponyo, but: 1. If Ponyo wants to be with a human, she can only become a human being. If she still has magic, the human world will be messed up. 2 Since the current Ponyo and Sousuke like each other, their choice is only related to the present. Whether it will become a bubble in the future is their own business. After all, Ponyo created chaos, and they are also responsible. 3 Po Niu turns into a human, which means that this chaos will be cleared, and then start all over again.

But, at the end, what are you negotiating?

Did the goddess tell human beings: You see, although you have always had the upper hand, but the ocean is so powerful, human beings will eventually die. See you guys are nice, my Ponyo likes Sousuke again, I'll let you go this time. However, Risa is just an ordinary person, and she can't do anything.


The part I especially liked was Ponyo running on the waves and the heavy rain and surf that her landing brought. Ponyo should represent the power of nature, right? The power of nature is neither good nor evil, it is just alive, or too much alive.

No matter in movies or in life, flooding is my favorite scene, and flooding itself has the meaning of judgment, because it means everything is restarted. Submerge the traces of human beings and start all over again. In Chihiro, the rising sea is still very gentle, and here is the naked explosion.

I used to dislike this Ponyo scene because it was not in the Ghibli tradition, casual and rough. Thinking about it now, those 3D animations have made the scene props so meticulous and realistic. The hand-painted 2D does not need to be gorgeous and realistic anymore. The hand-painted 2D is no longer the mainstream of animation. You can be yourself. If you look at it without prejudice, you will think that those plants and houses with rough brush strokes are also very beautiful, and the simple waves are also very vivid.


To say the biggest feeling, I think Jinyu Ji is very open, very capricious, and very alive. A lot of problems have been thrown, let's vent it out, and then solve it casually in a cute way.

Why are Jinyu Ji's parents together? Why is this ending? I don't think the director cares at all.

The combination of a man disappointed with mankind and a goddess of the sea, represents the harmony between mankind and nature? Is this man wrong because some people destroy the ocean and therefore want to wipe out all human beings? Ponyo and Sousuke represent the kindness of nature and human beings? If these problems are all pointed out, it would be too stale and not new, so let's see for yourself.

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  • Mireille 2021-11-27 08:01:18

    I love pony girls! ! !

  • Ahmad 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    Why is there a frog form between the human form and the fish form?

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  • Sosuke: Ponyo, make the candle bigger!

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