Doubts in Yuan Yiyuan's story

Josiane 2022-04-23 07:01:51

The whole story is not good. Perhaps, as some film critics have said, Miyazaki likes the details and doesn't care about the plot itself.

There are a lot of doubts, and I can't help but want to use my thoughtfulness to sort out the story.
The Fountain of Life is pure seawater energy. On the one hand, it will trigger a super tsunami and turn the entire earth into an ocean century; on the other hand, it can purify the seawater and refill the seawater with prehistoric life energy. So the water that submerged the town was so clear, and there were many prehistoric creatures roaming.
Why does the Fountain of Life cause a tsunami? Is it by its own energy, or by the moon? I think it should be the former, otherwise the earth will probably be destroyed by the falling moon. The Fountain of Life was accidentally destroyed by Brooke before it reached the mouth of the well. The energy was dislocated, opened the entrance to another world, and sucked the moon over. The energy of the Fountain of Life created a small tsunami, while the approaching moon formed a "ship graveyard".
Why can Brooke become a human being able to fill the cracks in another world? Because Bo Ji drank a lot of the fountain of life, which contained huge energy, she became a human, and this part of the energy was released to her mother, so the crack was repaired in an instant - it was explained with only one line This fix.
What exactly is the test for Sousuke? It should be the transformation of Bo Ji in the tunnel and the questioning of Bo Ji's mother under the sea. Bo Ji's father came to bring Bo Ji and Sosuke to the bottom of the sea to meet everyone, but was mistaken by Grandma Shi as malicious, so he ran out to disrupt the situation.

However, Hayao Miyazaki's animation is to see people feel relaxed and their hearts seem to float, wandering leisurely with various prehistoric creatures in the crystal clear prehistoric waters. The first hour of the animation is very good, I like the painting in gouache or colored pencil style, I like Bo Ji's energetic running on the tsunami, and I like the scenery of the town submerged by the prehistoric sea water.
In the hand-painted style, the realistic signal lights suddenly appear, and praise one. There were two scenes that made me feel dizzy. I watched it several times, but I was still dizzy. I don't know if it was the lens or my own. One is that at the beginning, Brooke's father was chasing Brooke on the shore in the shallow sea, and several ships blocked his sight. One was after the tsunami, Sousuke and Boogie increased their horsepower and approached the family of three on the boat.

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