Look at kung fu again, it has been ten years

Deshaun 2022-04-23 07:01:47

The re-screening of the 3D version of Kung Fu is not so much going to the cinema to watch the 3D version, but rather wanting to relive Zhou Xingchi's classic works in front of the big screen.
Sitting in the movie theater, all the fighting lines are so familiar. In fact, we all know very well: Feng Xiaogang will be cut off by an axe while running; When the knife is thrown, he will throw it on his shoulder, and then the two flying knives will become his rear mirror when he escapes and runs. Of course, we are also very clear that the chartered in-laws Yuanhua Yuanqiu are all martial arts masters, while Ah Xing is a master of martial arts. He is a peerless master who has not been connected to the second line of Rendu.
But we still happily laugh in front of the big screen.
The first time I watched "Kung Fu", it was also in the cinema. At that time, I had not yet entered the professional field of film, and watched the film from the perspective of an ordinary audience. I just felt that the works directed by Xing Ye were not as good as the other Hong Kong films he acted in the past. The film is funny. Then that year, the whole city of Guangzhou where I was located was full of love for the Axe Gang dance. At that time, I just graduated from college and got my first job. Even a group of company employees at the annual meeting of the company I was working for even arranged an Axe Gang dance to imitate Kung Fu. Extremely invested. Looking back, I always felt a deep sense of rejection in my state of mind at that time, but now I look back and analyze myself at that time, and that sense of rejection stemmed from the feeling that non-professionals were ignorant of plagiarizing movies. But this time, when I saw the appearance of the Axe Gang Dance, I seemed to understand how Zhou Xingchi approached the people in the most simple way.
Therefore, Stephen Chow has become a common memory of our generation, especially the Cantonese.
Li Lichi said: The core of being funny is inspiration.
This shouldn't be wrong, but in fact, observing Li's cooperation with Zhou Xingchi, you will find that Li Lichi's works have become weak and weak without Zhou Xingchi. "Tang Bohu 2" is a good proof.
It wasn't until later that I was in the film and television industry that I realized that the reason why Stephen Chow's nonsense has become a culture is because he is like many great comedy masters, such as Chaplin, Buster Keaton, etc. , The "funny" and "nonsensical" presented to the audience are actually their interpretation and interpretation with their extremely painful lives.
And "Kung Fu" really sincerely tells us an inspirational story of Diaosi's counter-attack: Ah Xing was determined to become a generation of martial arts masters by training hard because of the high price of martial arts since he was a child, but after being repeatedly bullied by bad classmates, he decided to be a martial artist. The bad guys are better. Although he dragged Lin Zicong and tried his best to join the Axe Gang, he still made the choice of "good guy" at the last moment. He blew the head of the Axe Gang boss Chen Guokun, and rescued the chartered in-laws and was healed by the two in-laws. The new peerless master. From this point of view, Yuan Xiangren is not a liar ~
Ah Xing is the same as the protagonist in most comedies: first, he is a good person; secondly, he has ideals and naive paranoia; thirdly, he finally counterattacks.
And all of this, when you know about Zhou Xingchi's career in art, you will find that these are actually himself.
As his lines said: hidden sigh.
This time, I have a deep understanding of these four words, probably because I have pursued it as hard as A Xing, and in the face of a mixed working environment, I thought that it would be better to be a "bad guy" and then found that I was not born that orc, probably It's because I'm closer to the age he was when he filmed "Kung Fu".
Looking back, it has been ten years since I watched "Kung Fu" for the first time.

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  • Cortez 2022-03-23 09:01:45

    Touching! ! New century Chinese is at least in the top ten, which is great, and it will go down in history. Anywhere is good, and all kinds of creativity are really amazing, a masterpiece. Xing Ye is a super fan of movies, this one can tell his skills very well, his homework is done so well, and with his imagination, he can only kneel.

  • Era 2022-03-21 09:01:44

    "Kung Fu" is only 7.7 points, those who scored low should find a comedy action movie that is better than this movie.

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