You love you because of my imperfection

Abbie 2022-04-21 09:01:54

In this world, there is no one who is not worthy of love.
After watching this movie, I suddenly felt that there is really no need to feel inferior in love, maybe I am not beautiful, maybe I am not hot enough, maybe I am too self-willed, maybe. . . Maybe I don't deserve him.
No one in this world is perfect. I can't do it, and neither can you.
Perhaps a person's life is the perfection condensed from the imperfections. The so-called true love is to be able to tolerate each other's imperfections.
Perhaps, his snoring was what you hated most, disturbing your sleep all night, and every time you wake up, you want to kick him. But one day, when he is gone, you will find that you miss his snoring as much as you miss him. You love his snoring as much as you love him.
If you really love it, you can tolerate it. Tolerance does not mean approval, it does not mean praise, it is just tolerance, it is just tolerance.
When I am willful and reckless, you do not speak, quarrel with me, or argue with me, that is tolerance. But that doesn't mean you agree with my waywardness, you support my waywardness.
Be yourself, be yourself, in fact, you don't need to grieve yourself to change anything. In fact, you love me, what you love is my imperfection, and it is my imperfection.
Me too.
Therefore, there is no need to rate yourself, such as appearance, figure, salary, etc., to rate yourself one by one, and then give the other party a score.
Love, just love, has nothing to do with everything else.
Love, just love, love someone's good, love someone's bad, love the real person.
Love me, love the imperfect me.

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