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(1) Having a dream is the most beautiful, and building a dream is practical.
If you ask me, what is life, life is full of happiness and joy, and at the same time there are times of loss and helplessness. Life is all about bravely facing a series of difficulties. Every time you encounter one, no matter how difficult it is, you must grit your teeth and endure it. Whatever God takes away from you, it will surely supply you with something, and the growth will definitely exceed your imagination every time. It is because we do not know what will happen in the future that life is precious! But I believe that waiting for us must be a beautiful life!

The heroine's insistence on that dream in Zhong Hanliang's film moved me. How many people once made a silent wish in front of Evan Linda, but gradually lost the edge of persistence in time, Those wishes, big or small, will eventually wind up in the wind.
In fact, she also has many tempting but dangerous shortcuts, but she has no choice. The jars full of change cover her determination to persist in her dream, and she walks forward slowly and firmly.
Fortunately, in the end, she achieved what she wished, and, as compensation for her persistence for many years, she received an additional hand to hold her son and grow old with her son.

(2) Some things, no matter how many people who are in

love with you in the spring, are gone; those who fall in love with you are enough.

In reality, because of visual interference, we tend to look at a person with too many eyes, whether he is handsome or not. When the male and female protagonists become ugly frogs, all appearance conditions suddenly become illusory. Look, the person on the opposite side turned out to be such a good
time that it is easy to throw people away, red cherries and green plantains, as for your hearts, but always the same.

It has nothing to do with poverty or wealth, it has nothing to do with princesses and princes, kissing the right person at the right time will be happy, imagine yourself as a princess, and delusional kiss will turn a frog into a prince, the consequence will only be that you will also change Become a frog
Maybe the one around you in the future won't be handsome or beautiful, and won't have a rich family, but he is willing to kiss you when you are ugly, not for any purpose, just for the sake of You are still you, please cherish.

If it is said that there is no romance, I have met him in this life and

a firefly fell in love with a star in the sky. I am afraid that people who see it will only have two words in their hearts. It’s absurd,
sometimes it happens, you fall in love When you meet someone who is not favored by the people around you, you may also understand that this is an unending relationship, but when this relationship becomes a habit, it is hard to let go.
Maybe this is the fate in the sky, so after the firefly died, it became a star beside Ivan Linda, and finally completed this grudge, and stayed with his Ivan Linda, and let the world go through vicissitudes. .

(3) The stars are flowing, and you are on the same road

as new, and you are as old as ever. Although some people have known each other for a long time, they are still the same as when they just met, and some people are just like old friends. The thickness of their relationship is not measured by the length of time.

After watching the film, I am very envious of the friendship between the crocodile, the firefly, the princess and the hero and heroine, so desperate to be a person, hold your hand tightly in times of adversity, nothing to do with the wind and moon, just for the sincerity, but this is the same as love. It is unpredictable. The funny kiss of the princess at the end is also touching. In a relationship, it is difficult to achieve success. It is even more difficult to achieve the kind of relationship you think you will get. You know how to grasp and let go, and imagine that the princess will eventually find her own home.

My friend Alan Tam , the
stars flow and you are on the same road, I never
knew each other, my heart is close, my heart is silent, and I
people . The road relieves the loneliness in my heart, who understands that I am with both hands, happy and sad, sharing with each other, I or you , for me, for you, for me, and for you , hold your hand tightly in despair, my friend~~ Conclusion:

It is rare to have a deadly friend, but we can make a heart-to-heart person, but fairy tales are just fairy tales after all, you will not meet a handsome and rich man like a prince (at least the probability is very low), and you will not meet A frog that can become a human, the only thing that is feasible in reality is probably the heroine's determination to persist in what she wants. If you work hard to move forward, maybe you will also realize the impossible thing that was once laughed at. dream.

The preface written by Zhong Hanliang for fans
spreads the wings

of dreams. Dreams are the color of life, and life without dreams is gray.

Dreams play a pivotal role in everyone's life. Man is an animal alive because of dreams. No matter what shape that dream takes.
Since I was a child, my dream has always been straightforward and candid. To be a successful star, I want to dance the best dance and sing the best song on the stage, satisfy the audience, and satisfy my own desire to perform. This dream was integrated into my blood early and became my only pursuit.
Maybe in the eyes of many people, such a dream is very unrealistic, and many friends and teachers give me some "advice" from time to time. But I don't think such dreams are hierarchical, good or bad in nature. There should be no prejudice about dreams. In fact, dreams are somewhat illusory, but how to realize them is the problem we should really think about and the direction of our efforts.
After many years, I have become a singer, an actor, expressing myself in my own music, and interpreting my life in other people's stories, which makes my life so wonderful, it is precisely the one I was once despised by others. A realistic dream.

Dreams spread their wings because of persistence, and sublimate because of satisfaction.

For those who also have dreams, I always hope to give them support and encouragement. Because it is lucky to have a dream, and to persist in a dream is to hone, and then to realize a dream is to satisfy and even sublime.
Every time I see Snow leaving a message on my website, it is full of big characters, long stories of life, and especially dazzling red fonts. Once, a thought flashed in my mind, "She is very suitable for writing novels!" This will Wouldn't it be her dream?
Therefore, when she is about to realize a small dream of her own, or stand in front of a milestone on the way to realize her big dream, it is impossible for me to refuse her request to write such a preface for her. When it comes to cheering for every friend who has a dream and is committed to realizing his dream!
I think her understanding of me may be far beyond what I know of her. Even so, to write this novel about "I" may still require a great deal of imagination, but she has the courage to create first. Impressed, what did I look like in Snow's mind? Let us find the answer together in this novel full of strong girlish feelings!
Spread the wings of your dreams, in fact, we are not alone.

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