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Isac 2022-04-19 09:01:48

All right. . . I didn't expect it at all, this is a science film. Compared to my expectations, the film is horribly understated (imagination has failed me much as it has robbed me of horror and speculative thrillers) if you've seen the trailor , basically this film still needs to watch only the last 20 minutes left. (Unless you have a special interest in the heroine's Hepburn look and British fashion) I'll admit that I was initially fascinated by the heroine's look - she looked smart and, to be more specific, sly. As a matter of course, I expected this to be a film full of sly details (details here!). However. . . What's disappointing is that the protagonist of this film is not so much the girl herself (this will be a much more interesting film, I'm sure), but rather the honest storyteller behind the screen, the mother-in-law tells the story. Dean of Doctrine.

All right. . . As for why I was so disappointed and gave it four stars, it's also because this is really a real science and education film. I hope all the little girls who are a little bit cunning, a little beauty, and a little ambitious little girl can see it. There are some truths we have all heard ten thousand times. This truth was told to boys in "Coming and Going", but unfortunately boys don't like to watch it; "Dwelling" also tried to tell girls, but unfortunately it was too fake and too weak, how could Xiaobei be able to compete with the charming Song Siming, and finally punish the evil Yang Shan also has a cold-blooded and invincible grandmother and a police uncle who is very discerning (which are not very common), so it is conceivable that they are all wrong. But at least I saw it in this movie. A word from the heroine: I know what i want from life now and I know now that there is no shortcut to it. For the heroine, what she needs is indeed the room that she earned by herself and used to write (of course, a handsome partner to Paris should be a plus). When she does, thank God it's not too late.

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The opening music and animation are lovely. Jenny is a straight A+ female student, her biggest wish is to go to Oxford (obviously the screenwriter is an Oxford control, which is really bad for Cambridge), read all the books she wants to read, listen to all the music she wants to listen to, and the smartest brain. chat. (I guess the original intention of many Peking University students is the great library of Peking University~ In the end, the longest work was still rolling the road by the Weiming Lake:) However, the evil Pandora's box has already been prepared. Just waiting for a rainy day, a cello, and a little charming old man - the girl fell into it. Nightclubs, auction houses, racetracks, and her ultimate dream, Paris, are all so gorgeous and unreal. The girl dropped out of school, the girl got engaged. "Why do I want to learn these boring and difficult things and plan a boring and difficult life for the rest of my life, instead of going to Paris to enjoy life?" The truth is very common: this man with all facets is just a bold married man Antique thief. Then the girl came back. Then, there is another ordinary but brisk female student in Oxford.

Talking about the characters: Dad is not exactly a simple man who sells his daughter and is happy to count the money; everyone should have a teacher who is so good that he crosses the line (lucky enough, I once had one); don't bird that principal; Helen's The actor is Jane's sister in Pride and Prejudice, a bit stereotyped; David, he just "made the mistake that all men make". He wasn't even a bad man; if he had half of Danny's bad intelligence, he should have known that a big-chested vase was far more practical than this clever little Oxford preppy.

What's interesting is that the little British girl in that era, Hafaha, was as powerful as our madness. Now the ultimate "ha" route for a little girl should be: she was curious about the profoundness of Britain when she was a child, indulged in the beauty of Japan and South Korea when she was a teenager, was fascinated by the debauchery of France when she was young, and admired the order of Germany when she became an adult. In the end, they all bowed to the good temper and thick skin of the United States.

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  • Katrine 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    The days and nights that others lead you to see never come from your own planet. Before the boring and boring edifice collapses, you have to spend thirty years in it, on your own.

  • Nico 2021-11-28 08:01:19

    I am very envious, it's better to have a long experience when youth was wasted on a scumbag of the same age. My three views are getting more and more crooked.

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  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.