Breathing in despair

Gaylord 2022-04-19 09:01:46

I bought the book for a long time but never finished it. Using the lack of time as an excuse was actually just deceiving myself. I didn’t remember this until I saw the movie trailer. E-books are gradually replacing paper books into our lives. Although there are reading artifacts such as kindle, even if the hand feels similar, it is impossible to understand the smell of ink and the pain of being accidentally cut by a new book.

Souls can be redeemed by love, but if there is no love, there are words. Shakespeare said: Books are the nourishment of the world. The ancients also said: Books have their own Yan Ruyu, and books have their own golden houses. In fact, the most precious thing is the text. Writing is the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom, as well as the record and continuation of human civilization. Everyone finds something different in the book, and is inspired and influenced in different ways. Recalling that in "City Square", what Hypatia defended with her life was not just the continuation of human civilization, but freedom and belief. It's a pity that everything is vulnerable in the face of fanatical religion and ignorant violence. At the same time of war and devouring life, words feed the soul and give the hopeless people the courage to struggle. When Liesel picked up the scorching Invisible Man from the ruins, her fate was different from those around her. I'm not sure if Death's favor for her is one-on-one, or if she's more partial because of this act of hers. The plot of Max hiding in the basement coincides with "Annie Diary" again, the same confined space, the same text supports the body and life. The difference is that Annie took the initiative to record everything she suffered, while Max taught Liesel to use words. Books are the only weapons in each other's hands.

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The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: So... How is Rudy?

    Liesel Meminger: I don't know. Rudy is a pain in the neck.

    Max Vandenburg: The only thing worse than a boy you hate, is a boy you like, right?

  • Rudy Steiner: Are you coming?

    Liesel Meminger: Where are you going to?

    Rudy Steiner: Isn't it obvious? I'm running away.

    Liesel Meminger: Have you thought this through?

    Rudy Steiner: Ya. I don't want to die. There - all thought through.

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