Salvation from Soul

Letitia 2022-04-20 09:01:40

"One small fact, your are gong to die, despite any effort, no one live forever."

Socrates thought the soul always separate from our body, so death is what we belonged to eventually. When the time came, don't panic. However, “The Book Thief” was a story about a soul that made me wonder. The whole story was started from the perspective of Azrael. He told a story of a girl named Liesel in the World War II. Her mom, her brother was dead. She was adopted by a poor German family, with a simple hearted man Hans who liked to play accordion and a roughest woman. She met a boy called Rudy, the mayoress, a Jew Max and lots of people lived in their little town.

She lacked of education, even could't write her name at the beginning. She was unfortunate, but she was lucky at the same time, cause she met a man that taught her reading who is called “papa” by her, and a Jew Max who gave her a blank book to encourage her to write. From that on, she was obsessed with book.

The war was crucial, Hitler could't tolerate the exist of Jew. He fired all the books that led people's thoughts and killed all the Jews that he can. Liesel's family hided a Jew Max who was an old friend of Hans. Max lived in the basement all the time, he wanted to see the stars and the sun, but he could't. He listened Liesel to describe the weather everyday after school , and looked forward the nature. At Christmas, Liesel took buckets of snow to Max in basement, the family, including Hans and his wife, they throw snowballs, and singed the Silent Night with the sound of accordion. The dark basement was full of laugher. For them, especially Liesel and Max, that was the fortune.

Every soul must own their fortune, like Rudy. His dream was to be a soccer player and to kiss Liesel. Whenever you see him, he always carries a soccer. As well as Hans, he was only fond of his frazzle accordion. Of course , our little book thief Liesel, her fortune was books, anding writing. Words made her brave and optimistic: when Max was ill, she read books to him such loudly to rouse him, she met a friend, because they had the similar fortune. In addition, when the people of the little town was hiding in the dark and cold shelter, she began to tell stories to soothe everyone. The old woman said “keep, keep speaking child, we won't be afraid.” Indeed, she saved all the people form the horrific war through stories.

From here, I reminded myself. I must admit that my life was full of idealism. I focus on my soul, because I believed that the soul could save me. To keep the heart clean, to enrich the soul, that was the way to heaven.

Everyone was dead form the war finally, except Liesel. The time was frozen at when Rudy closed his eyes and Liesel bended over to kiss him.

As the Death said, "I have seen many great things, I've attended all the world's worst disasters."

Whenever the end of heart's-blood, soul would save us, and be forever.

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Extended Reading
  • Chelsea 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    From the perspective of the god of death, it is quite unique to talk about the survival of small people in the context of war. There is almost no sensationalism in the whole film, but there is a strong sadness after watching it.

  • Jake 2021-11-27 08:01:17

    A more faithful adaptation of the original work, the Humbermanns portrayed them to life, the little girl is very cute, and Rudy's playfulness is a little less naughty. It is more successful in not deliberately showing the suffering, and the reflection on the two sides of the text is cut off, which is regrettable.

The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: Tell me, where do you get these words?

    Liesel Meminger: It's a secret.

    Max Vandenburg: Who would I tell?

  • Liesel Meminger: Franz Deutscher doesn't sound very smart.

    Rudy Steiner: He's the dumbest kid in school. But he shaves.