More and more like watching WWII movies

Gayle 2022-04-22 07:01:16

I watched this one yesterday. Two days ago, I said that it would take some time before I could watch the World War II movie... Like the above "The Reader", the heroine was illiterate at the beginning, but she had a sense of awe for the book, and at the beginning held A book I don't know what was written, and then when the Nazi party burned the book, it actually picked up a book in the fire. Some people are afraid and afraid of the unknown world, some people are curious, the former can only be ignorance. According to the original party, the changes are generally good, I think it's okay, but I feel that the plot about "stealing books" is slightly smaller, but the character description is very delicate, every WWII film will have it, good and bad, warm and indifferent Yes, maybe the war will magnify these things, the war will end, and human nature cannot be wiped out

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  • Janae 2022-03-23 09:01:47

    The plot is a bit bland, but ok

  • Brandy 2022-03-22 09:01:40

    Forced warmth can't touch the point

The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: Tell me, where do you get these words?

    Liesel Meminger: It's a secret.

    Max Vandenburg: Who would I tell?

  • Liesel Meminger: Franz Deutscher doesn't sound very smart.

    Rudy Steiner: He's the dumbest kid in school. But he shaves.