Alzheimer's disease

Dovie 2022-04-21 09:02:00

I am afraid of getting old and afraid of dying. Seeing Alice's condition getting worse, I thought of myself. Will I get sick as I get older? Dementia? Will you pee your pants? Of course, the more important thing is whether the lover by my side is still by my side.
Living in the moment is what Alice emphasized in her speech, and I agree with it. We don't know what will happen tomorrow or what we will be like next year. The only thing we can control is now. Many people ask this question? What has my life been for? People are born, grow up, marry, give birth, grow old, and die. If we are doomed to die, why do we care so much about houses and money every day? When people have no health and life, they are nothing but nothingness. I always think about this question myself, although there is no answer, but I know that I am not in this world for parents, children, houses, money. I live so that I can understand the world as much as possible, experience the ups and downs of life as much as possible, and constantly enrich myself, so that I do not have regrets when I die.

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  • Velva 2021-12-01 08:01:26

    Aunt Moore is already finished, she has supported the whole film alone, hoping to get an Oscar nomination. Little K became more and more popular, and had completely got rid of the notorious Twilight shadow.

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    Several scenes broke down in tears, too aware of what it means for scholars to lose memory and language skills. It's really good to see such a movie on Mother's Day...

Still Alice quotes

  • Dr. Alice Howland: I need something to read.

    Dr. John Howland: I thought you were reading Moby Dick.

    Dr. Alice Howland: Yeah, I was. But I got tired of reading the same page over and over again. I can't focus.

    Dr. John Howland: Well, that happens to me when I read Moby Dick too.

  • Dr. Alice Howland: When I was, um, a little girl, like, in second grade, my teacher told me butterflies don't live a long time. They live, like, a month. And I was so upset, and I went home, and I told my mother, and she said: "Yeah, but, you know, they have a nice life. They have a really beautiful life." So now it always makes me think about my mother's life, and my sister's life. And to a certain extent, you know, my own.