Youth is so tangled

Andreanne 2022-04-20 09:01:40

Today, I watched "Korean 4" at KFC on the 2nd floor of Wanhua Plaza for 2 hours. After that, I ran up to the 4th floor Bigao Movie City and decisively bought "The Holy Grail Artifact", which had been running for 8 minutes. "This's not about Jesus, all knights dream of getting it, but only the bravest and kindest can get it, who can see countless angels and enter heaven... ...." In the dozens of seconds I ran to the fifth broadcast hall, my brain thinking began to become active.
There were only 5 people in the movie at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I leisurely found a 10th row seat and sat down. The female and male protagonists of "Deep Love and Rain" turned out to be brothers and sisters. This plot seems to have also been staged in the Korean drama "Blue Life and Death". (Perhaps, it was me who was too worldly and was bound by the so-called civilization, the so-called family ethics, and the so-called "close relatives cannot marry".)... The impetuous worldly person "I" began to make noise Now, the moment I looked down at the news, WeChat, QQ, and looked up at the big screen, I took a deep breath and whispered to myself, "You~ are you watching a movie?!" book feeling. Giggle... After
careful recall, there are still a lot of plots that moved me:
1. The heroine slowly discovers her potential, overcomes her timidity, and destroys the enemy. The process is very inspirational;
2. The male protagonist of Oppa is A handsome blond guy, his love for his sister and heroine is very touching;
3. The horror scenes can't stand it, such as a dog rushing out of nowhere, and a girl on the street rolls her eyes, which makes the heart a little unbearable.
After watching "Saint", I was still impetuous, so I went to KFC. After having a hamburger dinner, I stepped on my feet and worried about "high-calorie food causing obesity and acne", and it took another 2 hours to end "Korean 4" , go home.
On the way back, looking at a new moon, a sentence flashed in my mind; "The weather is so cold, you should be warmer to yourself!" The implication is that the weather is already so cold, and you are still torturing yourself and letting the days go. After such a tangled life, I waited for the flesh and blood to feel colder and colder!
Youth may have just begun, and we are also running, fighting, and fighting to find the Holy Grail, punish evil and promote good!

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Extended Reading
  • Keanu 2021-11-29 08:01:21

    Teenage junk in a new shell. The theme is inherited from Twilight hg and the special effects of the screen are from Percy Jackson. It took about 90 minutes to finish it. Next time you have to compress it to less than 60.

  • Yessenia 2021-11-29 08:01:21

    Although this film is really bad, it still reminds me of Gao Yixiang (although I also watched his film), but he died...I didn't give a score back then, and today I think of making up one.

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