【Movie】16013[2.26] "Deep Ocean"

Angelo 2022-04-19 09:01:49

Throughout the 19th century, Moby Dick was an existence similar to today's Godzilla. The most classic adventure novel "Moby Dick" before "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" portrayed the giant beast in the sea so realistically, it deserves it. A place in the monster list is more because of the fearless fight between humans and Moby Dick in the story, and the final result of both perishing together, which makes us often feel sad and indignant when we mention the word "Moby Dick".

This film can be called a prequel to Melville's Moby Dick, telling the prototype story of Melville's novel. The movie's high reduction is the climax of the marine whale hunting era when whale oil was used as the most important industrial fuel before the development of "black gold" oil. Countless whale-hunting ships sail out from countless ports along the Atlantic coast to hunt for riches from the greatest creatures on earth. Although the action scenes of the movie are not as grand as the battlefield filled with gunpowder smoke in "Fighting on the Furious Sea" based on the era of great sailing, the sailors hunting whales on the boats need more skill and courage to kill giant beasts with cold weapons. The soundtrack with a strong sense of rhythm, the high and low scenes thrown by the giant waves, and the close-up shots with extremely shallow depth of field all continuously magnify the most exciting elements in whale hunting.

In the end, the Essex, hunting for prey, sailed to the furthest depths of the ocean that she could reach, and as she wished to encounter a swarm of thousands of large whales, they also encountered Moby Dick. No matter how valiant the whale hunters are, humans are small, especially when it comes to Moby Dick, even a schooner that can fight a hurricane. In the face of the vast ocean, human beings appear so powerless. When human beings anger the guardians of the ocean, overturning becomes inevitable.

After the shipwreck, there was no such thing as the so-called killing of the same species in the introduction. All the crew members who were eaten were noble and voluntarily dedicated themselves. Finally, the story ends with a happy ending. It can be said that it is a very complete movie. In addition to fighting, there is not too much human ugliness.

The whale is a magical creature, but even with the dazzling signboard of "Moby Dick", it is not easy for this film to achieve its dream. The connotation of the film is still a lot thinner.

Wonderful, recommended, not favorite.

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  • Allan 2022-03-30 09:01:03

    brutality of human beings. is one of my favorite subjects, it's a bit boring to be dealt with by Howard, it's a good story but it's really not a good movie. The audiovisual is not very good, and the actors are a little too hard. Anyway, I am very annoying to Thor. I didn’t dig into the depths vertically, it was hastily, and the plot of adding the writer’s interview was very redundant.

  • Ryleigh 2022-03-20 09:01:41

    Ron Howard's box office hit movie, last time it was extremely romantic, why is it a hit with Brother Hammer? The ship burning at sea and the ocean sunrise scene are very shocking. The great director's skills are still there, and the hammer is handsome, but the whole film is not that good. Maybe the previous juvenile film was too good.

In the Heart of the Sea quotes

  • Matthew Joy: Gone fishin', aren't we?

  • Herman Melville: Something else you've given me tonight.

    Old Thomas Nickerson: And what's that?

    Herman Melville: The courage to go where one does not want to go.