Love You, Rosie movie review

Amber 2022-09-02 15:04:16

It is best to say it in time to love someone, otherwise you will really regret it if you miss it. In the story of "Love You, Rosie", the two childhood sweethearts have no guesses, but they have been going around for many years without expressing their feelings to each other. The two of them each have a new life, they get married, they have children, and if they didn't say they were together at the end, I'm afraid I would be angry and bad reviews, maybe because of the beauty of the hero and heroine, I would be merciful. The style of the whole movie is very sunny and fresh. If it weren't for Lily and Sam, the evaluation of this movie would not be too high. In reality, how many people miss their loved ones for various reasons, not everyone can meet the happy ending of the movie, so if you love Ta, say it as soon as possible, even if you are rejected, it is better than never fight for it.

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  • Tiara 2022-05-22 23:03:11

    The plain English style is small and fresh. A lot of laughter but also bitterness. Although stumbling along the way, the people who should be together will eventually be together. It is always difficult to keep the right person around. If you encounter a scumbag who is irresponsible after getting his stomach bigger, he should abandon it decisively to avoid endless troubles. Lily's thick eyebrows are too cute.

  • Deshaun 2022-05-22 13:02:51

    Not superficial chick-flick. Even the two little boys and girls who have no guesswork and childhood sweethearts can only be together after experiencing the ups and downs of life and countless losses and misses. Sam Claflin finally maxed out his beauty, still the purest British classical beauty, Jude Law has a successor~

Love, Rosie quotes

  • Rosie Dunne: You're lucky she didn't trip over your tongue dragging half way across the ground.

  • Alex Stewart: How do I go about seducing a woman who is apparently out of my league?

    Rosie Dunne: Is that a serious question?

    Alex Stewart: Yeah, absolutely.

    Rosie Dunne: Mmm well, you're at a disadvantage being a, you know,


    Rosie Dunne: virgin.