Some terrifying bugs behind the war

Bell 2022-04-20 09:01:41

The movie may have a lot of bugs, but what if you think about it from another angle?
1. I can't bear to look directly at the combat ability.

I believe that all the friends who watched the movie, when the gluttonous attacked the Great Wall for the first time, couldn't help but marvel, like our potato planting expert Matt Damon, "Have you ever seen anything like that before?", at this point I think the subtitles are problematic, he must not be lamenting how well-equipped this army is.

Why would such a good outfit be used by a group of women and children? Although the movie explains why the gunmen are women because bungee jumping men are too heavy to pull up, the effectiveness of bungee jumping tactics is inherently low, and fighters suitable for bungee jumping tactics are fleeting, once the gluttons start to climb the wall , this tactic is abolished, and the ability and role of these women in ground combat is difficult to match that of men. But what we see is that for this tactic, the Great Wall is not only equipped with a female army, but also equipped with expensive organs and equipment. Here we can't help but ask a question mark, what is the significance of this?

Not only that, in fact, including the generals, except for Jing Tian who showed a certain ability to fight alone, almost everyone else was not worthy of the armor they wore and the weapons in their hands. Here our director also specially arranged a scene to satirize this phenomenon. The archer general Lin Gengxin complained that Damon's bow was too bad, and Damon slapped his face and said that it is not the weapon but the person holding the weapon that is important. The armor worn by the two international friends who showed their strong individual combat capability is far inferior to that worn by Luhan, a dishwasher.

When we consider the combat capability of an army, there are two levels of indicators, one is the combat capability of an individual soldier, and the other is the combat capability of a group.

The combat capability of a group depends on the commanding ability of the generals, the training on weekdays and the actual execution. The ability of generals is reflected in their tactical arrangements and on-the-spot response. In the Great Wall, although the army is led by five generals, the actual command is all concentrated in the hands of the marshal. The first gluttonous attack, we can see that the defenders made tactical arrangements, and the first half of the entire battle was basically carried out according to the routine preset by the commander, but the combat ability and tactical response of gluttonous obviously exceeded the temple. Shuai's expectations caused the beasts to climb the city wall without paying much, and the individual combat power of the beast was underestimated, and the defenders on the city wall could not cope at all. Here we can see that the commander-in-chief only prepared this set of tactics. After the infantry's defense system failed, he did not give further command. If it wasn't for the hard work of the two temporary workers and the gluttonous retreat, then the movie would It's going to end here.

And this is not the most deadly. In the second battle in the fog, the Great Wall Army took out various gunpowder weapons, and the effect was outstanding. But we can't help but ask, why didn't you take it out during the first battle? The power and effect of gunpowder is actually far more effective than the Women's Army jumping off a building to die, and the cost of a rocket is definitely much lower than training a soldier and building a shiny armor. There must be a problem here. As the marshal, it is impossible not to see it, so why did we see such a stupid tactical arrangement in the first battle?

All the above signs made me have to put forward a hypothesis: the commander of the palace may be a corrupt official.

2. The commander-in-chief may be a corrupt official

. As mentioned above, most of the Great Wall Army are young people with extremely poor individual combat capabilities, and under the strong defense of the Great Wall, these young people have almost no actual combat experience. However, the equipment on them is very luxurious, so that each soldier, including the cost of training and equipment, is extremely expensive. This is extremely unreasonable. In normal ancient armies, only generals can wear armor of this scale, while in the Great Wall, the difference between soldiers and generals' armors is only reflected in the shape and details. What is the reason that prompted such a strange army to appear?

There are two reasons I can think of:

First, please the emperor. In the movie, our emperor is a child who does not care much. We have all been children. When we were young, would we think that the golden saint is hundreds of times more powerful than the bronze saint? Why, because the golden holy garment looks awesome, the bronze holy garment is only a few pieces of broken iron, and the chest is exposed, how is it possible to have combat effectiveness? Therefore, the emperor must be happy that such a fully armed force stands in front of the emperor in a neat queue. Therefore, why the army has to be painted in five colors, and why the engineering team led by Peng Yuyan is naked on weekdays but has to prepare another set of full-body armor, we all understand.

Second, rebates. As mentioned earlier, in actual combat, the actual role of black powder is far greater than that of a single soldier, but in the first battle, the commander-in-chief did not mention gunpowder. Why? Because of the word "greed", this is also a topic that Jing Tian deliberately brought up later. At first glance, this dialogue was very awkward, but after thinking about it, it made sense. In fact, what she implied was the commander in chief. In fact, if the commander-in-chief used black gunpowder weapons for the first time, the losses in the first battle would be kept within a very small range, but in this case, the number of casualties would be reduced, which meant that he would take Without more budget to recruit troops and forge new armor, he won't get more rebates. And his limitless greed may be the fuse that caused his final outcome.

3. This is actually a betrayal

. Originally, it was just a guess. But his death and what happened after his death made me firm in this thinking. Let's recreate the scene of the crime at that time. The commander of the palace suddenly asked for a night patrol, and Jing Tian followed him. On the night when the moon was dark and the wind was high, two gluttonous food suddenly appeared on the Great Wall, and the commander died.

There are a few questions here: Why do gluttons have to form a team to climb the city wall during the day, and can sneak up on the wall alone at night, and there are only two ends? Why does the Great Wall have such a perfect early warning and patrol system, there will be two gluttons climbing up without prior warning? Why did the marshal suddenly put forward a night patrol on this night when Jing Tian happened to be with him? This is no coincidence, but premeditated.

Jing Tian was at the Great Wall when he was 5 years old. He grew up with Dianshuai since childhood. The two were in love with the father and daughter. It was impossible for her to not understand what Dianshuai did, but if it was just corruption, it would be fine. It made her completely desperate, and the commander in front of him, who treats him as his own, has no lower limit as a human being because of money. Watching his soldiers being torn apart by beasts one by one (there is only one scene in the whole film that specifically emphasizes the heavy casualties, it is the rings worn by the spearmen who are thrown on the ground one by one, covering the blood. ), her last trace of feelings for the commander-in-chief was completely torn apart.

Another proof comes from the memorial ceremony after the death of the commander of the palace. The Great Wall is located on the border, so the transportation of materials is particularly difficult, and the storage is limited. It is necessary to ensure the rations of the soldiers (at least the film explains that the rations are sufficient), and to ensure combat weapons and armor, so it is impossible to have such a large number of memorial supplies ( White turban, filial piety and Kongming lantern). And after the death of the marshal, such a large-scale memorial ceremony was carried out immediately, there is only one possibility, in order to prepare for today. In the Great Wall, the only person who can enjoy such treatment will be the marshal, and the only generals who can mobilize so many materials. In fact, among the generals, the only one with real power is probably Jing Tian, ​​and the other generals can't even say a word, let alone transfer resources.

Another important reason why this mutiny was finally implemented was the feelings of the commander-in-chief for Jing Tian. That is to say, for this betrayal, the hall commander must die, and as for whether to die on the spot or after the last sentence, in fact, it makes no difference to Jing Tian. If she died on the spot, then the position of the successor to the commander-in-chief would belong to her. Even if the commander still had a breath, she was confident enough that the commander would hand over the position to her, even if he knew the truth. Because the Hall Commander, although greedy, is sincere to her.

So at this point, there is only one condition for the whole betrayal that has not been explained: gluttonous.

4. Are gluttonous animals intelligent creatures?

The description of gluttonous food in the film is that alien creatures from meteorites two thousand years ago attack the Great Wall every 60 years, prey on human flesh and then feed it to the beastmaster to multiply more gluttonous food.

There are several doubts about Taotie in the whole film: First, why did Taotie not go to the north of the Great Wall to prey on the Khitan people but chose to attack the more difficult Great Wall? Second, in the first attack, why did the dominant gluttons suddenly retreat? Third, why did the gluttonous eaters, who had not even destroyed the Great Wall in 2000, dig a tunnel for a mountain full of rocks?

The first doubt can at least give us the conclusion that gluttonous eaters are picky eaters, or in other words, they are targeted predation, and the second and third doubts, there is really no other basis for explanation in the movie. So, combined with the previous speculation, here we give a bold hypothesis, what if gluttonous creatures are intelligent creatures?

So what did the sudden retreat in World War I mean? In the first siege, taking the Great Wall was imminent, and the sudden retreat at this time meant that their goal was not the Great Wall. According to the following plot, their goal is Bianliang, which is weak in defense but rich in materials and can eat a full meal. Of course, after winning the Great Wall, they can drive straight in, but what if they don't need to take the Great Wall? Then they can go straight to Bianliang with minimal losses, why not do it?

In fact, they also did this, but we know that a normal sword can hurt the gluttonous gluttonous body, and it is almost impossible to dig out the same tunnel (the glutinous food does not have a description of using tools), then this How did the tunnel come about?

An extremely important clue in the Great Wall: black powder. So what if the tunnel was man-made?

So in the end, what I'm going to come up with is the most unfounded but scariest hypothesis: there's a dirty PY deal between the Great Wall Army and the gluttons. And this transaction may be the main line of the whole story.

Let's go back to the first war. Taotie took advantage of it and suddenly retreated. In this battle, who benefited the most? Hallmaster. So if there is a transaction between Taotie and the Great Wall Army, then at this stage, the object of this transaction can only be the marshal. I am afraid that the content of the transaction at this stage is: Taotie pretends to be attacking the city but actually kills people. The weak combat power of the Great Wall Army is there, it is impossible to cause much damage to Taotie, and the reward given by the marshal is that tunnel.

Originally, according to the script of the commander of the palace, it has been perfect until here. I am afraid he will also do a good job of taotie's attack on Bianliang. In fact, taotie has no knowledge of gunpowder at all. Although gunpowder was invented as early as the Tang Dynasty , but the real practicality was in the Song Dynasty, and Taotie only attacked once every 60 years, that is to say, Taotie probably did not understand the power of gunpowder at all. At that time, whether it is in the tunnel or out of the tunnel, the marshal will be fully confident that he will catch all the gluttons in one go.

However, two uncertain factors led to the overall loss of the marshal. One was the appearance of a foreigner with a magnet, and the other was the betrayal from the person he trusted the most. The foreigner who took a magnet and slashed three gluttonous gluttons angrily was not in the transaction between the commander and taotie. He said that you were weak in combat, so why did you hide such a saying, and even took a special restraint against us. What does it mean? ? I'm afraid this layer is an important reason for the final second dirty PY deal between Jing Tian and Taotie. And Jing Tian knew the bottom of the hall, and she had no reason to know about that tunnel, so the hall commander could use this tunnel as a condition, and so could Jing Tian. For Taotie, it was very likely that according to the transaction, he had to attack the Great Wall several times to get this tunnel. Now this silly girl said that as long as she helped kill the commander, she could get it, and she was very happy. Therefore, there was a scene of a gluttonous night attack, the death of the palace commander, and the order in danger.

Of course, the story is far from over here, and there are still many doubts in the second half of the story: for example, why did Jing Tian really let the gluttonous army go straight to Bianliang? Why didn't she deal with the crisis as soon as she discovered the tunnel, but had to call all the generals over to witness it with her own eyes? Why did they choose a new technology hot air balloon that was completely uncertain and returned to Bianliang, resulting in heavy casualties in the end? Why is this a new technology that has not been practiced, but there are so many stocks in the Great Wall? etc

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