Full of slots, this viewing process is extremely unfriendly to me

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I don't have much pursuit of the plot, and I don't have such rich artistic and aesthetic cells, and I can't think of anything to think about.
The male protagonist was arrested by Da Tiantian
. The male protagonist obtained information, and he killed Taotie! EXM? ? gluttonous? ?
this thing? How did you cut off one of its paws? ? this thing? how do you cut off one of its claw

Later, Andy said he was a gluttonous scout
Oh, it turned out to be the army of gluttonous (pao) and gluttonous (grey)

2. gluttonous strong! Invincible! Can't beat the Great Wall!
From the two scenes of the male protagonist being guarded at the city wall and the commander of the palace giving away the tiger amulet (does the six stars and six diamonds count as a tiger amulet? Online waiting is very urgent), the combat effectiveness of gluttonous (for the time being, gluttonous) ibma
high defense: ten in the body A few arrows will not die, being used twice by the male protagonist with a deep throat does not affect the combat effectiveness, the weakness is the eyes on the side face, and the high fire resistance
and high attack at the back: one bite kills a five-color team in full armor, and one bite in a dying state Gao Min , a commander in full armor with high combat effectiveness
: How can humans be more agile than cats!
This kind of high-attack, high-defense, and high-sensitivity unit can even violently attack! Enough food to split infinitely!
If you don't hit the weak point, you won't die. If you deal damage to the enemy, you can riot, and you won't be afraid of pain or death. . . . Ever thought of zombies? Zombies with slow movements and low defenses appear in groups. Humans with hot weapons can only wait to die (Hollywood section). This kind of zombie dog with high attack, high defense, high sensitivity and huge physique can't break through the defense line of the ancient army. ? ? After this super-powerful unit attacked the city wall, it retreated because the protagonist killed two or three? Before the male protagonist shot, a dozen shield soldiers and a dozen spearmen were beaten by a glutton to the ground and called Dad. The whole section of the city wall was in a state of miss, and no other gluttons could keep up. I wonder if the gluttons were on the wall when there was no male lead. How did you persuade the gluttons to quit?
This is the lance who played deep throat play twice for gluttonous

The front of the lance looks more like this in the movie

3. All kinds of arms are useless
. The few arms I have seen are shield soldiers, spearmen, archers, bungee jumpers (yes! Sweet blood!), weapon operators,
shield soldiers, and spearmen have no cooperation!
In the scene where the protagonist is guarded, we only see the archers in the battlement biubiubiu, and when the gluttonous army ants have attached this group of shield soldiers and spearmen, they are still eating melons in the back row!
In the scene where the commander-in-chief died, the shield soldiers were all tied up in the shield wall. The spearmen were still behind the shield wall with lances. What would you do when the gluttons in front of them broke down the shield wall?
Hall Commander, don't you try to use this kind of shield wall to prevent gluttonous attacks?

Or this one

There is nothing to say about the archers anyway, that is, biubiubiu will never use the wrong

bungee jumpers. The bungee jumpers are
all slim girls! It's a girl! Big sweet background bungee jumping soldiers are all cute girls!
What is the configuration of the bungee jumper? A bungee machine = 5 bungee positions + 5 auxiliary soldiers who throw guns at bungee soldiers + 10 bungee recovery equipment operators. The fighting process of bungee jumpers is to jump down and poke twice, be pulled back, take the gun, jump down and poke again, and use 15 people to assist 5 people to fight, and these 5 bungee jumpers will not necessarily come back if they go down with a full set of equipment. Oh. In contrast, as long as the archers remove the bungee jumpers and replace them with 15 archers biubiubiu, not only 5 people are saved, but the equipment of 15 archers is also lower than the cost of a bungee machine and the cost of bungee jumpers. , the dps is also higher than that of the bungee jumper, and the setting that you won't die without poking your eyes also makes the dph of the bungee jumper and the archer no different. And as long as the gluttonous archers can't reach the wall, there will be no losses.
Spending so much money on a bungee jumping machine is not as good as boiling gold juice!

Weapon Operator
The weapon operator is all wearing V♂A♂N's King's Tabard! ! !
There is something that looks like a crossbow in front, and there are magazines on it! Of course it's only a single shot! It's better to put two high-defense crossbows in such a fancy way!
You see the strange device on the crossbow is about the same as this 20mm clip

In the scene where the male protagonist jumps over the wall to catch Taotie

, Taotie attacks the city wall and deforms, and the central city wall rises. Infinite Rotation Giant Limb Separator! This thing can cut off the gluttonous! ! May I ask what kind of tricks your army used to lift half of the city wall? Excuse me, what kind of tricks did your army use to make the large scissors rotate enough to cut the gluttons?
As for the shrinking of the city wall, a bunch of people walked out to save the male protagonist. . . Hehe, why don't you just take the magnet and send someone to take the magnet to recycle the anesthetized gluttonous food? You can also test the efficacy of the magnet by the way!

4. The power of black gunpowder honey juice
All black gunpowder blew up the power of modern grenades!
Three black powder firecrackers about a little thinner and shorter than this

about making this effect out

As for the foreigners who have been imprisoned and played for 25 years and useless, the armor of cannon fodder soldiers is comparable to the commander-in-chief of an army, privately granted military power, the heavens bring justice to punish the ruthless King Zhou, and the queen (beast king??) died The gluttonous (pao) and the tie (hui) are forced to disconnect, thousands of imperial guards guard the bridge, weapons and armor pages, etc...
There are so many slots that I forget what to spit...
Just think about it ...if that movie theater had a barrage transmitter for every audience...

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